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UPVC Surgeon

UPVC Surgeon offer a comprehensive service with high quality products

UPVC is the material of choice today for windows, doors and conservatories due to its durability, being virtually maintenance free and a cheaper alternative to wood products.

It is important to maintain UPVC products if you want to fully benefit from their features and prolong the lifespan. Over time, accidents and general wear and tear can mean that products need fixing. Repairing issues prevents them from developing into larger, more expensive problems to fix. Faulty products also compromise the security of your home and could also invalidate your home insurance in the event of a burglary.

UPVC Surgeon fixes, repairs or replaces troublesome parts without the need of replacing whole units – which is substantially less expensive. They also pride themselves on a quick turnaround, backed up by a professional service and excellent friendly customer service. 

UPVC Surgeon fix, repair or replace UPVC doors, windows and conservatory parts with high-quality models that are to a higher specification then the originals. From small jobs such as replacing worn weather seals, to bigger jobs like replacing large, double-glazed panels, they work with a number of suppliers to offer an extensive range of quality products to their customers.

Choosing UPVC Surgeon is choosing a comprehensive repair service that is protected by a 12-month guarantee.

Over the last year UPVC Surgeon has implemented a new strategy which has helped it to triple its operations across the Bristol and Bath area, and they are currently looking to grow their team. They have also extended their services to businesses like estate agents, which is getting a good feedback.

The new environmentally-friendly booking process is paperless, and the company is also determined to further reduce its waste across the business.

UPVC Surgeon offers a comprehensive UPVC repairs service who offer a free quote, a competitive price list and high-quality products with a 12-month guarantee.

For more information, call 0117 321 5545 or visit

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