Warm up your home for winter


Keep the cold out this season with these easy tips

It seems winter has arrived pretty much overnight, and this cold snap has seen many of us going into full hibernation mode – pulling on the layers and cranking up the heating. However, there are many inexpensive and imaginative ways you can heat up your home – follow our tips that won’t break the bank!

Get some new curtains

It may be time to update your curtains – to really thick ones that is! It may sound obvious but the majority of the cold air comes through your windows, especially if you live in a period building with single glazing. You can easily get curtains with a thermal lining, or if you don’t want to really splash out you could get that sewing kit out and line them yourself with warm materials such as cheap fleece. Don’t just focus on the windows either – place curtains in front of any doors that lead outside to really keep the heat in. 

Block up your chimneys

If you live in a city like Bristol, the chances are that you live in a period property. Whilst they are very beautiful, they can also feature high ceilings, draughty floorboards and big old chimneys. Chimneys are responsible for a lot of heat loss in a property, and the best thing to do is keep them blocked over the winter months if you’re not using them. Pick up a chimney balloon – they’re made from a special laminate and can be bought for around £20. Simply place inside the chimney hole, inflate and the draft will be eliminated! Just make sure you deflate it before starting any fires…

Tin foil  

One thing that you’re almost guaranteed to have lying around the house is a few rolls of tin foil. Not only is it excellent at keeping food warm, it could also help keep your house toasty too! Tin foil is excellent at preventing unnecessary heat escaping from your radiators by reflecting it back into the room. Simply spread out behind the radiator, switch it on and you’ll be warm in no time. Good quality kitchen foil works a treat, or you can buy foil specially designed for the purpose for just over a fiver. 

Get rid of mini-draughts

You’d be amazed at where the cold air can get in! It’s not just the obvious places like doors and windows, draughts can come in through floorboards, letterboxes and even keyholes. There are a variety of things you can do to prevent this – try laying rugs in living rooms and dining rooms to keep the warmth in and block up your letterbox with another barrier. As well as this, you can buy little keyhole covers that simply slip over the top and keep the cold air out. Make your own draught excluders by stuffing an old pair of tights with socks and place under doors to stop that chilly breeze. 

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