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Bristol's big art weekend is the perfect opportunity to buy some new art for your home

Europe’s largest free, live street and urban art festival Upfest will return on 23 – 25 July with its biggest line up of artists painting more than 30 venues and outdoor walls.

Now in its 8th edition, the festival attracts 30,000 expected visitors and 300 attending artists, raising money for The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA) which offers a confidential phone line (0800 358 3456) for children affected by alcoholism within the family.

This year’s artist roster will be the most diverse collection of urban artists in one location with more than 300 artists flocking to Bristol from 40 countries world-wide and as far-flung as Canada, Australia, Argentina, Israel and Europe painting to a soundtrack of fantastic live funk, soul, reggae and old school hip hop music in more than 30 venues and locations all over Bedminster, Bristol.

The festival will host some of the world’s most creative artists with their unique disciplines adorning the walls and in some cases floors of south Bristol. In addition originals and prints are available so visitors can adorn their home from the Upfest Gallery on North Street and from the Upfest exhibition stand at The Other Art Fair, just across the water at the Arnolfini next weekend.

The line-up will include 2016 festival artist Gemma Compton, city favourites, Inkie, Jody, Cheba & Cheo, the distinctive Spanish duo Pichi&Avo, the phenomenal Dutch 3D floor artist Leon Keer, non-conformist urban/stencil artist Fin DAC, the incredible anamorphic graffiti artist – Odeith, the Pioneer of Aerosol X-ray Art SHOK-1, Dutch abstract graffiti artist Mr June in search of the perfect form and London based artist Louis Masai who’s distinctive creations have been described as a form of environmental activism painting alongside 300 other artists including;

310squad (Russia), BirdO (Canada), Caiacom (Luxembourg), Chinagirl Tile (Austria), Copyright (UK), Cosmo Sarson, Dale Grimshaw (UK), Dan Kitchener (UK), Danielle Clough (South Africa), DinDin (Belgium), Diogo Galvao (Brazil), DON (UK), Fake (Netherlands), Fanankapan (UK), Goin (France), Hannah Adamaszek (UK), Key Detail & U-baba (Belarus), Mas972 (Israel), Mr Cenz (UK), Majilina (Italy),  Nomad Clan (UK), Pulso (Argentina), Rob Wass (UK), Rocket01 (UK), Sallaikonen (Finland), Sarab Jokhadar (Syrian), Sokar Uno (Germany), Spent1 (Greece), Spzero76 (Bristol), TakerOne (Hungary), Tankpetrol (Poland), T.wat (UK), The Orion (Romania), Voyder (Bristol).

As part of their 45th anniversary celebrations the team behind Mr Men Little Miss have officially partnered up with Upfest, to introduce a new member of the Mr Men family, Mr Graff. Mr Graff has been designed by Bristol’s much loved graffiti artist, CHEO in collaboration with Upfest and Mr Men Little Miss (MMLM), taking inspiration from the festival. The blue character can be spotted armed with a spray can and donning a baseball cap as he paints the city.

For more information visit the festival’s website www.upfest.co.uk or follow the updates @Upfest on Twitter or at www.facebook.com/Upfest.Bristol

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