UK second friendliest LGBT+ destination in Europe

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Bristol has been recognised in the top five UK cities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender acceptance

The UK has been named the second-most LGBT+ friendly destination in Europe after Norway, a new study from Spotahome has revealed. The results from across 33 European cities and 18 countries identified the United Kingdom as leading the way for LGBTI+ rights, ahead of France, Portugal and Belgium.

The online rental specialists released their equality in Europe report, which looks at factors such as equality and non-discrimination (for example, within employment and education), equality attitudes within the family (such as adoption and marriage equality), hate crime and hate speech, legal gender recognition and bodily integrity, civil society space (such as public events held without obstruction, relevant associations having the ability to operate without obstruction and no laws limiting freedom of expression and bodily integrity) and asylum (positive measures policies).

Using country- and city-level data, the research has revealed that the UK scored highly for LGBT+ acceptance with 8.55 points. Norway came out on top with 8.80, whilst Belgium, France and Portugal made up the remaining top five. Breaking this result down, the study showed that all the UK cities recorded for ‘LGBTI+ friendliness’ ranked in the top 10, including Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol, demonstrating its country-wide solidarity for LGBT+ groups. Bristol was ranked fourth in this group, ahead of its huge, city-wide Pride celebrations this coming weekend.

The countries in Europe with the lowest levels of LGBT+ acceptance was Russia (0.12), Turkey (0.48), Belarus (0.96), Macedonia FYR (1.33) and Latvia (1.45), which made up the bottom five.

The UK’s Pride celebrations are perfect examples of this positivity in action. For many years, Pride parades have taken place across the country, with support from all walks of life taking to the streets in celebration. In June of this year, to mark the 40th anniversary of the symbolic rainbow flag, 5,000 people took to Edinburgh’s streets as one of the largest reported gatherings in support of the campaign.

Bristol Pride is set to be as big and beautiful as ever this year. The free annual event sees thousands of people flock to the city to join together in celebrating themselves and their loved ones, whilst enjoying the colourful parade, live music and the huge range of events on offer.

That’s not all Bristol has been praised for. The report also revealed that, across the 33 cities studied, it came out sixth overall in the Equality Index. It also ranked 10th in quality of life and came second for women in politics – just under Helsinki in Finland.

Commenting on the results, Melissa Lyras, brand and communications manager at Spotahome, said:

“Before we travel, we all spend hours delving into travel guides or frantically researching places on the internet. Today though, people want to get to know their country or city of choice like a local, to ensure it reflects their beliefs and views in a positive way.”

“We’re pleased our data has provided some insight into the culture of one of Europe’s most prominent countries, these results are a really informative insight in the fight for equality.”

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