Top 10 beers to try at Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2018

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Overwhelmed with choice? Read on to see what to try this coming weekend…

With Bristol Craft Beer Festival taking place from the 14–16 September, there’s so many new and exciting beers to try, and it could be hard to know where to start! Luckily, the beer experts behind this year’s festival have compiled a list of 10 beers that are not to be missed…

  1. Arbor Ales – Breakfast Stout

Stout, for breakfast… now you’re talking! This coffee and chocolate oatmeal stout has an elegantly creamy and silky finish with luxurious coffee and bittersweet chocolate notes.

  1. Gispy Hill – Camper NEIPA

Hoppy big hitters Citra and Mosaic lead the tropical hop charge on this New England IPA/, while the Nottingham yeast gives a clean and balanced end to the fruity finish. Oat malt, wheat malt and naked malted oats impart a creamy mouthfeel and enough body to carry those hops.

  1. Lervig – Passion Sour Tang

According to Norwegian brewing master Lervig, their Passion Sour Tang is a beer deliberately made not to taste like beer. This is a sour beer made with passion fruit and grains of paradise – a spice native to West Africa which is part of the ginger family. This rather special beer imparts a peppery flavour with hints of citrus!

  1. Moor – Benny Havens

Those guys at Moor have done it again! Benny Havens is a beautifully golden Amber Barley wine with delightful fruity malt flavours, a touch of roastyness and a little late heat in the back. Watch out though while it is super drinkable it’s also a rather feisty 9.3%…

  1. Siren – Broken Dream

The second breakfast stout on our list, Broken Dreams by Siren Craft Brew is as deep as it is complex; binding smoke and coffee aromas with chocolate, milk and oats to create something thick, velvety and all-round fantastic.

  1. Stone & Wood – Pacific Ale

Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale is inspired by the breweries home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. That’s right, they’re travelling all the way from Byron Bay to be in Bristol this weekend, so you best be drinking all of this gorgeous cloudy golden ale

  1. Tempest – Old Parochial

Nostalgia and Celebration in a bottle. Raise a glass to the art of barrel aging with this rich, complex imperial scotch ale aged in Craigellachie barrels. Smoke, stone fruit, and caramel blend together on the palate with the warming hum of whisky.

  1. Unity – Vignette

Vignette is a 7.4% Biėre Brut brewed in a modern, experimental way with hybrid wine/beer yeast, enzymes which dry the beer out without removing all residual sweetness, and loads of grapey, floral Hallertau Blanc hops. This is at once very much a rich, smooth Belgian style beer, while also displaying many characteristics of a crisp, fruity Sauvignon Blanc.

  1. Left Handed Giant / Dry & Bitter: Cycle City

When great minds get together, special things happen and this is exactly what happened when Denmark’s Dry & Bitter joined forces with Bristol’s Left Handed Giant. The two breweries met in St Phillips one August morning, with the goal of creating the second Bristol Craft Beer Festival IPA… and the result is a marvellously fruity, citrusy and enjoyable IPA.

  1. Wiper & True / Dugges: Space Time Stout

Earlier this year Wiper & True met up with legendary craft beer outfit Dugge to brew a series of imperial stouts for London, Edinburgh and Bristol Craft Beer Festival. Each stout has its own subtle tweak from the base recipe. The first was infused with vanilla and cacao, the second more cacao, vanilla and Tonka beans and the third saw the original beer aged in oak cognac barrels. The best thing is all three will be available at Bristol Craft Beer Festival.

Bristol Craft Beer Festival is a true international celebration of craft beer, with the finest national, international and local breweries in attendance. Aside from helping to put Bristol on the craft beer world map, Bristol Craft Beer Festival gives attendees the chance to sample the world’s finest beers on one ticket price. That means no tokens and no extra charges – just one glass and hundreds of beery possibilities… so get involved, Bristol:




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