The sky is no longer the limit


It's up, up and away for an unforgettable dining experience

After much anticipation and excitement, the big day is finally here – dinner in the sky starts today! Run by the imaginative team at Events in the Sky, for the next six days, the people of Bristol (and beyond) have a chance to have a dining experience like no other – at a sky table suspended 100-feet in the air above Waterfront Square. 

Each sitting seats 22, and there are five different settings to choose from – breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner and night –  meaning you can opt for your preferred setting. We spoke to some of the restaurants involved to see how they’re feeling about the event, and what we can expect from them high in the sky. 

Bristol’s Italian favourite Rosemarino are covering the breakfast sittings, and are offering a delectable selection from their kitchen; “We’re going to be taking the best bits from our breakfast/brunch menu and refining them slightly and make smaller versions of them so it should look pretty cool,” says manager Sam when I speak with him. “I’m looking forward to the buzz. There seems to be lots of people talking about it,” Sam continues, then looks vaguely shocked, “Oh god, we’re serving Bloody Marys up there!” 

Lunch and dinner sittings are set to excite too, with a plethora of fantastic restaurants taking part. The award-winning Romy’s Kitchen from Thornbury will be offering a spread of meat, fish and vegetarian curries. On asking what she hopes diners will get out of her experience, she said she wants to give diners and her staff “an experience they will never forget”. This is also true of the iconic mind behind Menu Gordon Jones, of Bath. On speaking with Gordon himself, whose whole restaurant is built on mind-boggling dishes, he feels “the trick is to make it sound really disgusting, and then obviously by the time you’ve finished eating it, you’re like, ‘that was amazing’!”

Louise of the Second Floor Restaurant Harvey Nichols in Bristol is immensely excited about the event; “It’ll be great fun to be able to interact with customers, and everyone is there with one agenda – to eat great food and have a great experience,” she explains. And with seasonal dishes such as Brixam crab and rabbit on the menu, we’re sure she won’t disappoint. 

Henry’s of Bath has extended his sitting to two due to popularity, and it’s not hard to see why – with his innovative menu of duck with quince, artichokes and pears and chocolate honeycomb, we’re sure that no one will want their time with him to end. 

The two afternoon settings are run by none other than Swoon gelato (with sites in both Bristol and Bath) and firm Bristol favorites Lovett Pies. Speaking with Pat Powell, founder of Swoon, she stated that Swoon is a very “emotional” brand, hence their strapline ‘gelato to fall in love with’, and her philosophy is that “if there is something fabulous, it’s even better if you have someone you love to share it with.” A wonderful sentiment that will be very true of any romantic diners in her sitting. 

With the tongue-in-cheek statement of ‘Pie in the Sky’, we can expect nothing less of the dynamic team behind Lovett Pies, who’ve stated that they have been “welcomed with open arms” to Bristol, and are serving both a meat and vegetarian pie, all washed down with ale from their Wapping Wharf neighbours the Wild Beer Co. 

If the night sitting is more your thing, then the cocktails from Her Majesty’s Secret Service are set to blow your mind. Speaking with Ben Alcock from their illustrious team on Whiteladies Road, he said: “Creating the drinks menu has been fun, we have taken quite a different approach with them and it has allowed us to do some things that would not be possible in a bar.”

Bristol is known for its innovative dining scene, but this will see the city taking it up a notch. Tickets are still available for some events, so cast aside your vertigo and partake in an unforgettable experience. 

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