The Scandi-style in winter

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How to cosy-up the most elegant style in interior décor!

The Scandinavian style of interior design has remained one of the most popular ways to decorate your home for years. It’s all about bright, airy spaces. Fantastic for most of the year, but how does one make a Scandi home feel comfortable in the winter months?


The core of a cosy home is blankets and throws. To start with, there’s sheepskin – this rugged fabric has been part of the Scandinavian movement since the beginning. If you fancy something different, there’s also chunky knits. They provide warmth and comfort without sacrificing the sophisticated look that makes the Scandinavian style so popular. They’re also one of the few areas where you can get away with bright colours.

Plant life

Flowers can bring a wonderful sense of warmth and life to a space that you just can’t replicate with homeware. They’re also, yet again, a great way to work bright colours into the otherwise-restrained Scandi style. For those of you who struggle to keep a flower alive for more than a weekend, hardier plant life provides some excellent options. Rubber trees require only medium light and the occasional watering. There’s also the bromeliad, a vibrant and gorgeous flower that survives most everything you’ll throw at it.

Colour palette

For something a little more counter-intuitive, let’s talk about colours. Paint choices will define the atmosphere (and temperature!) of your room more than anything. The problem is, given how important pale shades are to the Scandinavian style, how do you use that to warm-up your home? Simple. Denim Drift, Dulux’s 2017 colour of the year. Its strength is its versatility; Denim Drift can go with anything you have in your home. Including your aforementioned sheepskin and chunky knits.

Should you want something a bit more classic, there are ways to make the traditional Scandi monochrome work in your favour. Used correctly, black can add contrast to the traditional colours of a Scandi-style home. Make sure to pair it with a good gloss when possible, so it’ll reflect the light back into the room instead of absorbing it. You can also add a pared down palette of muted shades. Yellow, pink and blue all work very well.

Fireplace and candles

And, at last, there’s that most primal method of temperature control – fire. A good fireplace can turn your sophisticated sitting room into a snug winter den. However, make sure to get your chimney properly cleaned; no-one wants a cloud of soot murdering their charming Scandi elegance.

For those of you without a real fireplace, there’s the next best thing. Candles can provide the same sense of warmth. They’re readily available basically everywhere, and unlike a fireplace, they’re mobile. A carefully chosen candle can bathe a room in a warm, comforting glow without going near the thermostat. Plus, by picking a scented candle, you can add comforting scents to your home’s atmosphere.

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