The Jurassic Parks at The Wardrobe Theatre

the jurassic parks

This fantastic tribute to Jurassic Park is a funny family play that kids and parents alike will enjoy, writes James Higgins

The Jurassic Parks is a hilarious show inspired by the fantasy film of a similar name. Although a working knowledge of Spielberg’s masterpiece is handy it is not essential to enjoy this well-crafted show which visits Bristol for the first time.

The play tells the story of a family struggling to come to terms with a loss.
A year after the death of his wife, Madeleine, Terry helps his children, Noah and Jade, to screen the family’s favourite film in the local Lyme Regis Community Centre as a tribute to their mother. The village has been invited to see the movie but just before doors open, the VHS tape disappears! This being set in the years before Netflix, streaming and overhead projectors, Noah decides to lead the family in telling the story through physical theatre, puppetry, song and dance.

It’s a side-splitting spoof of an era-defining movie worthy of French & Saunders! Packed with ‘90s pop culture references and music of the era, this slickly produced show is a real hoot. The Jurassic Parks has received huge acclaim from Time Out, What’s On Stage and others, who have praised its writers and performers Maria Askew (Jade), Frode Gjerløw (Terry) and Simon Maeder (Noah) for their witty script, impeccable timing and confident performances.

Behind the humour, there is an important message to be heard about love, loss and family – and the cast do wonders in creating depth and emotion. A scene from Jurassic Park is linked to a scene of Madeleine’s deathbed and it proves to be an incredibly touching and deftly handled moment. But the show never fails to offer some cheer. There are hits from Britney, The Spice Girls and Mortal Kombat, and, at one point, Jade performs her own version of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, with Noah joining on backing vocals and Terry adding some embarrassing dad dancing.

It has all the ingredients for a fabulous family night out! A play that kids and parents can enjoy in equal measure.

More information and tickets can be found here.

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