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The Kitchen Partners introduce Falmec’s Spazio revolutionary ceiling extractor

Much like we welcome the transformation of winter to spring, in the world of kitchen design, modification and development is something that is also welcomed with open arms. In some aspects the progression is more apparent than others, a prime example being the hummmmmmm-ble extractor unit.

We’re sure many people can remember the ‘Sunday brunch challenge’. Also known as, can I cook this fry up without making my entire house smell of bacon as my ancient, invasively loud extractor unit desperately tries to draw the smell out the room?

The number one rule – don’t bother trying to speak to me while I’m cooking, because I won’t be able to hear a word you’re saying. Turn off the extractor when you’ve finished cooking? You must be mad. That beast has to stay gasping away for at least another hour to remove the lingering smell of fried food. “What’s that sorry?! I can’t hear you”, you shout over your beautiful plate of Sunday brunch goodness.

The Kitchen Partners are glad all of this is now just a blast from the past, a distant memory in the modern day kitchen. Gone are the days of big clunky extractor units. Ineffective, loud machines fixed to the side of the kitchen wall, quite literally sucking the atmosphere out of the room from the second you turn it on.

The extractor unit is an essential item of kitchen equipment. Nowadays safe, stylish and functional accessories, which can enhance and transform the look of the room, depending on what design is chosen.

The Kitchen Partners have just installed a new display kitchen at the front of their showroom. When designing the kitchen it was paramount it showcased some of the finest technology available, with the star of the show being Falmec’s Spazio ceiling extractor. Winner of 2019 Good Design Awards, it’s a complete breakthrough in the world of extractor units. Designed by Francesco Lucchese, this hood becomes a true 360-degree experience: a furnishing accessory that enhances the kitchen environment with its rigorous and elegant lines. It is the latest-generation home appliance and an indispensable ally in daily operations in the kitchen.

The extractor is equipped with comfortable smoked glass shelves to store crockery or any other useful object in the kitchen in an orderly manner. There is a channel equipped with hooks for the organisation of the tools and an effective LED lighting system for the worktop. Spazio is equipped with USB ports, electrical sockets (to recharge electronic devices) and a ‘tablet holder’ to quickly and easily consult any application and, why not, tasty recipes.

Embracing the trend of bringing the outside in, the hood also offers the possibility of housing a small indoor garden designed for the cultivation of aromatic plants, thanks to the presence of a light that stimulates photosynthesis.

It’s hard to pick a favourite when it comes to the modern extractor – what used to be an annoyance in the kitchen, is now a silent running, beautiful statement-piece unit that can be the focal point of a contemporary kitchen design.

The Kitchen Partners, 102 Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2QY
01179 466433

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