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How to stay moving when you’re stuck inside

Working on your fitness levels might be the last thing on your mind right now but there’s truly nothing better for the mood than a little bit of exercise – and there’s so many different ways to do it.

Challenge yourself

Break up the endless work-from-home days and give yourself a sense of routine with a goal-based regime. Try downloading an app like the 30 Day Ab Challenge (there’s others that focus purely on squats or press ups for example) which gives you a set number of exercises each day and gradually increases the reps as the month progresses. Do in the morning to get your blood pumping.

Work up a sweat

This is something both you and the kids can get involved with – P.E. with Joe is a 9am fitness class broadcasted live on YouTube every day, lead by the now famous and eternally chirpy Joe Wicks who’s sort of a Russell Brand of gym teachers. Other types of online workouts may work better for you, like Zumba or dancercise which combine moving with music. Fiit is another great app which combines HIIT, strength training, combat, yoga, mobility flows, pilates and breathwork in 20–40 minute classes led by professional trainers.

Home stretch

The easiest exercise to do at home by far is yoga, and yep – there’s an app for that. Just ten minutes every day will help ease those neck cricks and back twinges, whether you use the routines in the morning or before bed. If the floor you’re using is uncarpeted you may want to consider ordering a yoga or pilates mat – it’s a worthy investment.

Caitlin Bowring

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