Stay warm this winter: get comfy without compromising your eco-morals

Even as temperatures plummet, there’s no excuse for wasting energy

Close the door

Not just the front one – increase your central heating efficiency by just turning radiators on in the room you’re using and shutting doors to keep the warmth in. No one needs a toasty hallway! If you have a particularly draughty room then be sure to keep the door tightly closed to stop the cold air from coming into the rest of the house.

Double glazing

By far one of the most drastic and effective methods of keeping heat in your home, double glazing is guaranteed to save you money on heating bills, reduce condensation and outside noise. Half as effective but still miles better than single glazing is secondary glazing, a less invasive option which involves fitting often temporary glazing on the inside of an existing
single-glazed window. But if additional glazing is an investment you can’t afford, then get yourself a draught insulation kit  affix the transparent film to your window frame with the tape provided, blast with a hairdryer to shrink and tighten, and feel that draught disappear!


Thermal vests, fleece-lined leggings and woolly turtlenecks will all do their bit to keep your body insulated. You should be wearing socks at all times to keep the heat in, and also get a better night’s sleep – it’s been proven that cold feet in bed makes it harder to fall asleep, perhaps unsurprisingly. 


Switch on those hobs and turn up the oven for an evening of roasting, frying and baking, and once you’re done cooking, leave the oven door open to let the leftover heat into the house. This is the time to cook up the juiciest roast and make the most seasonal desserts you
can think of.

Go out

Why not choose to see a chilly house as a great opportunity to get out and about? As we’re still on the right side of Christmas, there’s plenty to do and see, especially in Bristol! Whether it’s mulled wine at the market in Broadmead, a carol service in one of countless churches or a movie at the Watershed, keeping busy will warm your heart as well as your toes.

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