Spring clean your wardrobe

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Get your wardrobe ready for this season with our handy how-to guide

Now that spring is finally upon us, we are faced with the inevitable task of spring cleaning. And whilst you might be rolling your eyes thinking of the mop and broom – that isn’t what we’re talking about. Now is the perfect time to spring-clean your wardrobe and get everything in order for the warmer months ahead. To make things even easier, we’ve put together a handy guide of the best methods to show you how.

The three-step plan

One of the most efficient ways of clearing out your clothes, this method involves taking everything out of your wardrobe and putting it in a pile on the floor. Easy enough, we hear you say. But now, you must sift through everything and put it into three piles – keep, throw and donate. If you haven’t worn something in a year, then the chances are you’ll never wear it again. That goes for anything that is outdated, the wrong size or damaged – throw these items out. Things you wear on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? If you think they’re staples, then those can be kept. If you’ve got clothes that you never seem to wear but are still in excellent condition i.e. no holes, tears, fading, etc, then these can go to charity shops.

The hanger method

If you really can’t bear to just get on in there and throw everything out, then this might be a better method for you. Same as last time, empty everything out of your wardrobe and onto the floor and next, get some coat hangers and hang everything back in the wardrobe. You may be wondering what the point is – you must hang everything with the hangers facing towards you. For the next month or so, go about your business as usual, wearing the clothes you’d wear on a day-to-day basis, but when you hang your clothes back in the wardrobe, make sure the hangers are facing the other way. After time, it will become apparent that the clothes still facing towards you are the ones that are getting the least wear, and perhaps these are the ones that should be culled.

Prioritise and reorganise

If you’re really not one for throwing things away, then you can just try reorganising everything! One final time, take everything out of your wardrobe and pile it onto your floor. Next, get two big suitcases and label them ‘autumn’ and ‘winter’. Whilst we still get chilly weather in spring and summer in this country, it’s unlikely you’re going to need all of your coats, jumpers, jackets and scarves in the coming months. Slowly pick out your favourite winter items and organise them into the autumn and winter cases and store them somewhere safe for when it starts getting cold again. You should then be left with a small amount of undesirable winter clothes that are perfect to throw away or donate, whilst maintaining a strong pile of spring and summer clothes that are perfect for this season. Once hung back up in your wardrobe, you’ll have an organised selection of clothes to wear (and in hindsight, maybe hang up a jumper or two – it is still pretty chilly out there).

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