Spring clean your beauty regime


Spring is here so revamp your beauty regime and get ready for the warmer months ahead, says Emma Dance

The cold, harsh winter weather can play havoc with skin and hair so, now the sun is starting to shine, it’s time to give yourself some serious TLC.

Kit cleanse

Before you even start on your skin take a look at your beauty bag.

Out-of-date products are not only less effective but can also harbour bacteria, so any old bottles should go straight in the bin – especially anything that’s used around the eye area.

And don’t forget your make-up brushes either. They should be cleaned at least every two weeks to rid them of nasties that could cause breakouts.

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Super scrubs

To really get your glow back invest in a good exfoliator to remove all those dead skin cells that are making your complexion dry and lack-lustre.

Exfoliate your face and body around twice a week, but try to use lukewarm water rather than hot to avoid drying your skin and causing irritation.

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Face off

Sometimes the easiest way to get an instantaneous skin boost is to invest in a facial.

Either treat yourself to a visit to your favourite beauty salon or, if you’d rather indulge while wearing your onesie and sipping a glass of wine then try a DIY home facial kit.

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Moisturise me

During the winter there’s a tendency to slather on thick, rich moisturisers in an attempt to combat the dullness and dryness caused by harsh weather and central heating. However, as the weather begins to warm up the moisture levels in the air increase so you may want to opt for a lighter product. Make sure you choose one with SPF to protect your skin from potentially-harmful rays.

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Heavenly hair

Spring is the perfect time to give your hair a boost and add some shine.

Detox your locks from a build-up of product and grime, and pay some attention to your scalp to boost circulation.

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Fabulous feet

Make sure your feet are sandal ready by using a foot scrub to help remove dead skin, and apply lots of moisturiser to avoid cracked heels.


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