South West tourists prefer UK holidays to going abroad


The study showed that most prefer a staycation to a European city break...

More than half (57%) of those surveyed said they spend their main family holiday in the UK, while another 51 per cent said a staycation is their preferred type of holiday over European city breaks (29%) and package holidays in warm locations (10%).

The study by surveyed 2,000 Brits on their holiday habits. The research revealed 42 per cent of those from the South West go on holidays in the UK 2-3 times a year, with the South Coast proving to be the most popular destination for short breaks.

When it came to reasons for choosing to book holidays in the UK, almost a quarter (22%) said they loved tucking into traditional British food, while another 16 per cent said they enjoyed not having to worry about a language barrier.

The survey also revealed the average cost of holidays. Almost a third (31%) of holidaymakers from the South West said they spend more than £700 per person on their holidays, while 22 per cent said they spend more than £500 per person. Just 2 per cent said they managed to book trips for less than £200 per person.

Forty per cent of those surveyed said they never go on holiday abroad, while 29 per cent said they go abroad once a year, and another 25 per cent said they travel overseas 2-3 times a year.

When it comes to favourite holiday pastimes, catching up on sleep proved to be the most popular, with 82 per cent of people from the South West saying it is their favourite thing to do on holiday. More than three quarters (80%) said they enjoyed sunbathing and going to the beach, while 59 per cent said they enjoyed walking and cycling. Reading proved to be one of the least popular holiday activities, with just 16 per cent saying they enjoy getting stuck into a novel on holiday.

The threat of terror proved to be the biggest concern for people travelling abroad, with 48 per cent saying they worried about attacks abroad. Natural disasters also featured high up on the list of concerns, with 47 per cent saying they worried about hurricanes and earthquakes. Another 32 per cent admitted they worried about contracting food poisoning in a foreign country, while 19 per cent said they worried about uncomfortable beds.

Dan Robb from said: “It is refreshing to see Brits making the most of the many beautiful locations we have on our doorstep. The UK is packed with exciting cities, stunning beaches and outstanding areas of natural beauty, so it is not surprising to see so many Brits are choosing to spend their holidays closer to home.

“At we are passionate about encouraging customers to go on an adventure, exploring new places off the beaten track and seeing things they didn’t know existed. The UK is rich in culture and history and we are incredibly lucky to have such diverse landscape with hills, mountains, flat countryside and busy cities, so there are hundreds of road trips that Brits can take to see the best sights the country has to offer.”

South West tourists’ top five UK holiday destinations (long break)

  1. Cornwall (18%)
  2. Yorkshire (15%)
  3. London (13%)
  4. Scotland (12%)
  5. Lake District (11%)

South West tourists’ top five UK holiday destinations (short break)

  1. South Coast (23%)
  2. Wales (14%)
  3. Lake District (14%)
  4. Cornwall (12%)
  5. Scotland (8%)

South West tourists’ favourite holiday pastimes

  1. Catching up on sleep (82%)
  2. Sunbathing/going to the beach (80%)
  3. Walking/cycling (59%)
  4. Sightseeing (45%)
  5. Spending quality time with partner/family (43%)
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