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Putting you in control of the plumbing and heating in your home

The concept of My Plumbing Report came about while working as a plumber and being surprised by the little amount people knew about the plumbing and heating system in their own home, especially when it came to something so important such as the stop tap, as this can be a bit of a life saver.

You often hear horror stories of someone waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of rushing water, only to call an emergency plumber out who simply turns the water off and tells you they’ll be back in the morning – “that’ll be £200 please”.

The idea of essentially teaching people about the plumbing and heating system in their own home was conceived from hearing these stories and from experience working as a plumber here in the UK and overseas where the rules and regulations are a little different.

Did you know that in New Zealand and Australia to do any plumbing work, whether on your own home or someone else’s, you must be qualified and registered with a national governing body?

Here in the UK, you don’t even need to be qualified and you can call yourself a plumber, so long as you have a business card or website.

From the original idea of providing these surveys to spread the knowledge to the general public about their homes’ plumbing came a further three services: job inspections, pre-purchase inspections and annual landlord inspections.

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