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EF MEDISPA offers advice on reducing the risk of sun damage

Bristol skincare experts are warning that increased UV exposure during summer months can have significant and lasting effects on the skin, even when people don’t realise they are putting themselves at risk.

Experts from intelligent skincare clinic EF MEDISPA on Whiteladies Road, say that even when the sun is not shining, the increased UV exposure of being outdoors more often can cause an acceleration in the skin’s production of melanin – the natural pigment that causes age spots and melasma.

Owner of EF MEDISPA, Bristol, Elena Hunt, said: “Although summer is very hit and miss in this country it is important for people to understand the effect even a little bit of UV exposure can have on our skin.

“The number one rule we drill in to our clients is SPF, SPF SPF. We want people to be applying a good quality SPF all year round as part of their routine skincare because it makes such a difference to the health of the skin now and in years to come.

“If you find you do suffer from hyperpigmentation, brown spots or blotchy skin as a result of UV damage there are things you can do. We have a range of facials and peels to tackle these problems including our popular Depigmentation Peel.

“We also offer everyone who books a free consultation with us, a complimentary Skin Analysis, where we look beneath the skin to see what damage their might be and what can be done to help.”

EF MEDISPA’s Depigmentation Peel is effective in all types of melasma, can be performed any time of the year and is compatible with all skin complexions. It allows for sun exposure without the risk of spots appearing and visible results in skin texture and colour can be seen after just one week.


For more information or to book your free consultation with an EF MEDISPA Treatment Coordinator visit or call 0117 370 5741.

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