Shutters, the perfect investment in your home


Just Shutters explain how this simple addition to your property could change everything

Shutters; the beautiful, chic and timeless addition to your windows and doors, have people all across the country falling in love with their super stylish good looks and elegant charms, but what you may not have considered about shutters is their long-term value and investment in your home. We explore the added charm of shutters, beyond the aesthetics…

Shutters add value to your property

Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters are a fixture that will stay with your home, they offer a real selling point when you are moving on and can add £s to the sale price.

Shutters last a lifetime

Yes really! While alternative window coverings can fray, tear, warp or bleach in the sun, shutters are hardwearing and virtually maintenance free. With the Just Shutters lifetime guarantee, you can be sure that your shutters from them will be as beautiful as new, whether you stay in your home for one year, ten years or a lifetime.

Shutters are energy efficient

Did you know that even the most modern of double-glazed windows and doors are the biggest cause of heat loss in your home? Interior shutters can improve the energy efficiency of your windows and doors by over 30%, reducing fuel bills in winter and, conveniently, they can also help keep your rooms cooler in the summer.

So, whatever makes you fall in love with the stunning range of internal Plantation Shutters, Just Shutters know the value and peace of mind they give homeowners, ensuring the love affair lasts and lasts.

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