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Refine Property explain the importance of home staging across all property types

Refine Property Ltd. are a local Bristol-based company operating out of Clifton, offering both developers and private vendors home staging advice, furniture and expertise on how best to show their home for the strongest and quickest sales possible.

Working closely with many of the great local agents that Bristol has to offer, they turn properties into homes, empty spaces into welcoming rooms, and unused corners into useful and attractive nooks.

With a large stock of furniture, soft furnishings and artwork and decoration for any style of home, they are able to furnish a property in as little as two days with as little as two-day’s notice, and are very flexible to suit whatever may be needed. Their prices vary from home to home, but they are always far cheaper than an unfortunate price drop on the property.

Their ethos is centred around the belief that no one falls in love with an empty room. When potential buyers enter a property and they have to start using their imagination to really see themselves living there, they might already be lost. Refine Property’s aim is to create an enjoyable and welcoming experience on a viewing, giving potential buyers ‘the feelings’.

The images in this feature represent the effect staging can have on a property. Set in two different developments in Bath, it really goes to show how staging can make such a difference to what people see online. Refine Property have found that many potential buyers will discard a property they view online without even visiting it – if it doesn’t catch their eye, or seem like a nice place to live, they won’t be interested. Another thing that has a huge impact is how the rooms look – if the rooms of a property are empty, potential buyers don’t know if they’re looking at a bedroom or a living room.

This is especially true of new-builds, where the modern styling may mean that buyers might miss the features of a room. Unlike period buildings with ornate, original features, new-build homes are more neutral, giving potential buyers less to go on if they are just viewing the property online. This is where the importance of staging comes in – these show homes are now vibrant and eye-catching, meaning they could entice people to look further out of Bath than they previously would have.

Refine Property are flexible, and are easily able to stage a five-bedroom new-build home with edgy, modern furniture in the same week that they could stage a two-bedroom Georgian apartment with classic, traditional furniture. They have a wide range of furniture in different styles to rent, meaning that no matter what your home type, you can be sure it will appeal to a huge range of buyers.

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