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Refine Property offer unique services in Bristol, helping to turn houses in homes

Refine Property Ltd. are a local Bristol-based company operating out of Clifton, offering both developers and private vendors home staging advice, furniture and expertise on how best to show their home for the strongest and quickest sales possible.

Working closely with many of the great local agents that Bristol has to offer, they turn properties into homes, empty spaces into welcoming rooms, and unused corners into useful and attractive nooks.

With a large stock of furniture, soft furnishings and artwork and decoration for any style of home, they are able to furnish a property in as little as two days with as little as two-day’s notice, and are very flexible to suit whatever may be needed. Their prices vary from home to home, but they are always far cheaper than an unfortunate price drop on the property.

Their ethos is centred around the belief that no one falls in love with an empty room. When potential buyers enter a property and they have to start using their imagination to really see themselves living there, they might already be lost. Refine Property’s aim is to create an enjoyable and welcoming experience on a viewing, giving potential buyers ‘the feelings’.

Among many, their favourite method is the Litmus Test. Robert Shaw, owner of Refine Property Ltd. explains: 

“When we started offering staging services to the Bristol area, I was well aware of the powers of staging from my own property developments, as well as the concept being widely used in major cities abroad and in London. After gathering a good amount of furniture from my own personal projects (and having a small obsession with furniture in general), I started to offer the staging process to developers and private vendors in Bristol. I am still always surprised at how well it works, but it’s very hard and really difficult to prove to potential clients its ability to create a sale from seamlessly nothing. However, our fondly named ‘litmus test’ was the closest thing to definitive proof you could get.”

The team at Refine Property put the Litmus Test into action when a recently refurbished and very well finished, two-bedroom, top-floor flat in Redland was on the market for six weeks with a very good local agent. 

They had received a good amount of interest and some offers, but nothing within £30k of the asking price. Before considering a price drop, the vendor consulted a different agency within Bristol. That agency then recommended that they consulted Refine Property about a home staging service. The team met at the property with the client, discussed what they recommended, what the agent thought and what the client wanted.

They agreed on all points and were instructed to stage the property. Within the week, (and with some very difficult manoeuvres getting a huge sofa up three floors), the property was staged, new professional photos were taken, and the property was re-listed with a new agent at the same asking price.

The following week, the property went to bids with the first two people that had viewed after the staging, and it sold for over the asking price. Refine Property suggest this particular case study is as close to proof as you can get that staging a property
really works.

Whilst they know there are no guarantees in property, there is also no definitive value that staging can add to your home. What it can do is act as an aid to sell the property quicker, generate more attention and interest in online marketing and photos and ultimately create the best possible environment for the property to achieve its maximum financial potential.

It comes down to taking a look at the before and after images and then deciding which property you would rather buy.

To find out more about Refine Property and what services they offer, visit

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