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Our suggestions for a sparkling home for spring

With winter (hopefully) behind us, it’s time for the most invigorating season of the year – spring! With that in mind, it’s time to sort out our homes in time for the rest of the coming year. This is the best time to really assess just what you need in your home and to really give it a good spruce up – and we’ve got a guide to make it all the more easy for you.

The big declutter

The chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of things over the last year. Summer dresses that never saw the light of day, less than desirable Christmas presents – it’s time to do something about all that clutter. Move from room to room and make three piles; keep, throw away and donate. Any unwanted clothes in good condition can be donated to charity shops, along with any trinkets, and anything beyond repair needs to go in the bin. Be savvy and pack away all your winter clothes for when they’re next needed – this will save you lots of space season to season.

Carpet deep clean 

You would be amazed at just how much muck our carpets pick up over the course of a year. And whilst you might be vacuuming regularly, it’s probably been a while since you really got in there and did a deep clean. Invest in a high-quality vacuum or splash out and hire a professional, and really give each room a good going over. Move any furniture to ensure you don’t miss any bits and breathe some life into your carpets. Not only will this restore your carpets’ textures and colours, it will also give you a chance to reassess your furniture – are you happy with where it is? Is it time to pick up something new?

Kitchen cleanse 

It’s no secret that the kitchen is home to the majority of the germs in your home. You may clean it on a daily basis, but there are some areas that can be harder to get to. For your oven, try to avoid harsh chemicals, as these can cause irritation to your skin and can even damage the oven. For a chemical-free alternative, mix bicarbonate of soda with water in a spray bottle, spray liberally throughout the oven and leave overnight. It should wipe clean the next day. For your fridge, a toothbrush and toothpaste are the only two household items you need to really scrub it clean. The chemicals in the paste will help remove stains and the brush gives you accuracy. Finally, slice a lemon in two and leave the halves in the fridge to tackle any unappealing smells.

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