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Emma Dance ditches the trudge around the supermarket in favour of recipe delivery service HelloFresh

I love cooking, but I hate food shopping. After a day at the office the last thing I feel like doing is trudging around a supermarket only to find get home and realise I’ve forgotten a vital ingredient.

But now I’ve found a super-convenient alternative – HelloFresh recipe boxes.

The idea is simple, every week a box is delivered to your home or place of work with all the ingredients you will need for either three or five meals (depending on your subscription), along with step-by-step recipe cards. You can choose whether you want a classic box (which contains meat and fish), a vegetarian box, or a family box with recipes suitable for both kids and adults so there’s something to suit everyone. All the ingredients are carefully weighed and measured for you so you don’t end up with lots of waste or packets of spices languishing in the corner of a cupboard, and they are sourced from premium suppliers – most of them British – so you know you’re getting top quality produce.

HelloFresh has also teamed up with Jamie Oliver who supplies one of the recipes every week.

I tried the three meal classic box for two people (£39/wk), which came with recipes for pork belly and chickpea stew, pan-fried cod with roasted tomatoes and lemony risotto and Jamie Oliver’s chicken noodle stir fry.

Hello Fresh claims that most of the recipes take around 30 minutes to make and that the step-by-step instructions mean that even the most novice of cooks can get stuck in.

Having been burnt before by allegedly ‘quick and easy’ recipes that have ended up taking significantly longer than they claimed I was sceptical that HelloFresh would be able to deliver on the promise. But I was presently surprised.

I knocked out the pork and chickpea stew in almost exactly the 30 minutes it claimed, but then I’m pretty handy in the kitchen. The real test was when I left my husband to make the cod dish while I went out to my spin class.

Given that this is a man who counts a tuna sandwich as his signature dish this was going to be a challenge. But I arrived home to find everything going swimmingly and dinner moments from readiness.

It may have taken him 10-15 minutes longer than the 35 minutes the recipe card suggested it would take, but what the heck – he managed to cook a very tasty risotto so we counted it as a definite winner!

Apart from being super-convenient, the other great thing about the HelloFresh recipe boxes is that there’s practically no wastage.

Because only the amount needed for each recipe is supplied you don’t end up buying, or cooking, more than you need. There’s minimal packaging too – none of the veg comes in bags, and the box and the insulating packaging can all be recycled.

I’ve found that my repertoire of quick after-work suppers is pretty limited so it was great to get some new ideas. And the fact that I didn’t have to go to a supermarket made it even better!


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