Rise of the mobile garden in Bristol


Green-fingered Generation Rent invest in plants and veg that can be transported in an Uber


Despite 46% of millennials moving rental property on average every three to four years, new research shows this age group are investing in mobile gardens that can be easily transported in an Uber – a practical and rewarding solution to many who may be destined to a lifetime of renting.

The study of over 2,000 people commissioned by gardening brand, Miracle-Gro found that for 30% of millennials in Bristol, renting actively encourages them to create a garden so they can make their space ‘more of their own’. 30% are also driven by the desire to have an area to relax and rewind.

To this end, of Bristol’s Generation Rent, 24% have reported they have created a mobile garden in their leased property – across spaces as varied as balconies, rooftops and courtyards – with a further 14% of this audience considering one for the future.

The most frequently purchased garden items amongst the 18-34s are flowers and plants followed by vegetables and herbs. 27% in Bristol are growing plants or vegetables from seed, which shows the large proportion of millennials who are green-fingered, with the knowledge and initiative to tend to a garden.

Millennials in the UK put more value on having access to a garden or a balcony than older age groups. 18-34s in Bristol are prepared to spend on average £56 on top of their current rent each month. In comparison, the 45-55s would spend £62. The 18-34s in Bristol on average invest £72 each year on buying plants.

Rental properties are more likely to give younger people the chance to develop a garden. Getting a foot on the property ladder, whilst highly advantageous for the long term, means that 18-34s will often be forced to downsize to a property where there is no access to any form of outside space in the short term.


Jo Weston from Miracle-Gro, comments: “In other parts of Europe where rental for life is the norm, gardens in smaller spaces are more widespread. It’s interesting to see with the rising trend of Generation Rent in the UK, a desire to create green space is becoming more popular, even more so than those who own a property. Research tells us that access to a garden or outside space has real benefits to mental health, and just because you rent doesn’t mean you should miss out on this. Mobile gardens can be created easily and on a budget.”

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