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Our primal love of a real fire means that more and more of us are looking to wood burning stoves to transform our tired fireplaces. Not only do they look and feel great, there are many other great features worth considering...

Stoves vs open fires

A kilogram of fuel will produce at least three times more heat when burned in a stove compared to an open fire. This means you will used less wood and the stove will need less loading so you can sit back and enjoy it.

As a stove is a closed firebox with air controls, cold draughts are usually eliminated when a stove is fitted. Stoves are around 80% more efficient compared to around 15% for an open fire

Smoke control stoves

Most of Bristol and Bath is a Smoke Control Area, but we can still have a real log fire. The more efficient stoves have passed the test designed by DEFRA to ensure they are low polluting enough to have even in cities.

There is a wide range of DEFRA approved stoves from world renowned manufacturers such as Clearview, Aga, Contura and Rais.

How green are wood burners?

Compared to fossil fuels, burning local wood is sustainable and a better alternative for our environment. Many stove owners can turn off most of their radiators and rely solely on their stove. You can even boil a kettle or warm your soup on the top of a wood burner.

Many stove manufacturers, for example Morso from Denmark, use 98% recycled metal in their cast iron stoves – so your new Morso Squirrel stove could have been a bicycle in another life. They also ensure 80% of the energy needed for manufacturing comes from a sustainable energy source, mainly wind power. Clearview Stoves ensure they use as much local material as they possibly can, based in Shropshire they are one of the only truly British stove manufacturers.

What do new stove owners say?

Mr Cleary, Bristol: “Our Contura stove has been the best purchase we have made for our house. We use it almost all year round and our gas bill has reduced dramatically”

Mrs Fox, Bath: “My Clearview stove looks fabulous, I have never looked forward to a cold winter so much before”

Mark Dodson, Bristol: “My flat was so cold and draughty, my stove has transformed the place and now we watch the fire instead of the TV!”

A new stove showroom for Bristol and Bath

With such a wide range of high efficiency wood burners and multi-fuel stoves on the market, they have found the need to expand and have opened a brand-new showroom with one of the largest displays of wood burners in the South West.

Their showroom not only has wood burners, but also gas fires, outdoor firepits, pizza ovens and stone fireplaces. Kindle also have the infamous Big Green Egg – the ultimate outdoor cooker in store and are open 7 days a week. Located on the A4 between Keynsham and Saltford there is plenty of free parking and, with seven hot displays, you will not be cold!

Kindle Stoves, Glenavon Farm

331 Bath Road, Bristol BS31 3TJ

Tel: 01225 332 722 / 0117 924 3898

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