Psychological hacks to help you sell your home

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Sell your home in no time at all with these helpful hints

Official Government figures state that the average time to sell a home is around 2-3 months – that’s a quarter of your year waiting for someone to purchase your property. There are, however, methods and sneaky tricks you can use to make your property seem more appealing with minimal effort.

Here, Aaron Cambden, founder of East Midlands estate agents Fairview Estates, explains the small tips and tricks you can do to hack the minds of any prospective home buyer.

Start from the outside

This goes without saying, but the ‘broken window theory’ states that areas with broken windows on houses indicate a general disorder within the neighbourhood. This same psychology is applied to the entire exterior of your home. If your front door has seen better days, rectify this immediately. Throw a fresh splash of paint on it and you’ve immediately set the atmosphere for how these buyers should be viewing your property.

Attack the senses

Picture this – you come home after a day at work and you walk into your home and the first thing you smell is freshly cooked bread. Now, the age-old myth is that it helps to sell your home faster, however, studies in the US show this just isn’t true. This is because it’s distracting as the buyer is too busy thinking about the smell that they don’t look at the property in detail. Instead, try light and clean smells from diffusers and ensure there are no lingering odours. This means getting rid of any pets for viewings and ensure windows are venting any smelly areas.

What’s on show?

If you’re a fan of promiscuous artwork for example, you may want to remove this for the viewing, so people don’t create any impressions about you when they walk in. Think about what photographs are on show. If it’s heartwarming holiday photos it indicates you have disposable income and that you’ll be spending this on important things – house renovations perhaps. Avoid pictures of pets, especially if you’ve hidden away your dog for the viewing for example.

Cheat the heat

If it’s cold, pop a fire on or the central heating at a comfortable temperature. If someone walks in from the frosty air into a homely and warm room, they’re already sold knowing the house heats up well. If you’ve got a fire it also allows you to showcase this. Just remember don’t have it too hot, otherwise it makes buyers physically uncomfortable and they’ll want to get out of there as soon as.

Colours to change perceptions

If you’re considering redecorating before you sell up (it’s a good idea!), you should consider the colours you use. Colours have psychological properties that are widely studied, and the following colours tend to cause people to feel certain ways:

  • Red – attention grabbing, romantic and energetic as it literally increases heart rate.
  • Blue – calming, and improves concentration.
  • Green – light shade enables people to feel calm.
  • Yellow/Orange – this enables creative thinking, which could be good for showing potential in spaces, however, these are typically unusual colours so you may want to avoid these.
  • White – this colour interestingly makes people feel isolated and makes people think of medical environments, so use sparingly.

Calming colours are best – creams and such shades soothe people and allow buyers to see the potential of a place, as well as helping to keep a room clean and smart.



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