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In late 2016, Luke Spikes, the founder and CEO of higgihaus, was all set to take things a little easier. Luke has a habit of starting businesses (seven thus far in a career spanning 33 years), and having sold the last one in 2015 and collected his cash, he promised his wife that it would be the last. Then he read Simon Zutshi’s book, Property Magic. And was intrigued. Then he heard him speak. And was inspired. Four weeks later, Luke signed up to Simon’s 12-month Property Mastermind programme, conceived the vision for higgihaus and start-up number seven was born. His wife wasn’t happy.

Luke’s inspiration for higgihaus was his four children (aged 19, 21, 25 and 28 – all Millennials), who were all very clear that when it came to the private rental market, what they wanted just didn’t exist. Changing that became his challenge. Luke and the higgihaus team are on a mission to deliver the sort of rental accommodation the Spikes children said they wanted to live in – comfortable, convivial, achingly stylish, art-filled and fun. But above all else, it had to feel like home. Leaning on his experiences of living in New York, a love of Scandinavian design and a keen eye for contemporary art, the first higgihaus was opened in July 2017. And it was clear very quickly that they were on the money – the target audience loved it!

Two years on and a clutch of industry awards later (including New Property Investor of the Year, 2018), the business is moving at a pace and is today made up of three parts:

1. Co-Living – Comfortable, community centric and art-filled shared accommodation for young professionals that is better by design.

2. Serviced Accommodation – Beautifully appointed, fully equipped and perfectly located ‘hotel-alternative’ accommodation for groups of young professionals seeking an extraordinary ‘home away from home’ experience.

3. Portfolio Building – Income and capital building services that leverage the higgihaus business model and brand for the benefit of investors who want their money to work harder for them.

higgihaus has grand ambitions and will be bringing its unique brand of ‘place to stay’ to urban locations across the United Kingdom. For now, they’re focused on their home city of Bristol, and as demand is strong, they’re on the lookout for local property owners interested in collaborating with #teamhiggi. They offer long term contracts, guaranteed rent and charge no fees. They may even invest their own money in equipping your property to the higgihaus specification. Luke and his team are particularly interested in smaller apartments and large houses, so if you own one or more rental properties that fit the bill and are looking for an easier life, then you would be well advised to give them a call.

Either call Luca Orefice now on 0117 901 22 44, send him an email at or visit

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