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Get your knowledge on at the Pint Of Science festival, an invigorating annual mingling of pubs and education

Back again down your local is the Pint Of Science festival, a nationwide event that looks to put frontier-smashing scientific research and debate into the hands of the public. The fest hoists big topics into the pub atmosphere where you can have a drink or two and take part in fascinating areas of discovery – science knows no borders and this is your chance to get involved!

The shenanigans have been rolling since 2012, with a tight-knit community of academics and volunteers banding together to deliver brilliant talks, workshops, lectures and debates up and down the United Kingdom – and across the world, with events popping up from Japan to Brazil. Expect to get stuck into everything from human biology to astronomy to robotics to linguistics to neuroscience!

Bristol’s own Pint Of Science pops up at The Greenbank in Easton, The Eldon House in Clifton, The Attic Bar/Full Moon on Stokes Croft, Roll For The Soul on Quay Street and Southville’s Hen and Chicken, The Steam Crane, Friska and more! 

Highlights of this year’s festival include a night exploring how researchers are “cracking the kidney disease code”. Gavin Walsh and Carl May will both be discussing topics within the area of kidney disease research, focusing on Bristol’s researchers and what they’ve learned about one of the most common conditions of the organ.

Another must-see focuses in on machine vision and the futuristic art of camera technology. The evening looks into how wearable tech can learn and teach in equal measure – this is a positive look at how the world can change for the better! – and how ecologists are using modern hardware to learn more than they ever could about the behaviours of elusive beasts.

Events are ticketed separately, with most costing just a few quid and some even free! Check out the website for full details and schedule.

When: 15–17 May

Where: Various Bristol pubs 


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