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Pig lovers unite over at Wapping Wharf, says Sammy Milton

As a huge lover of pork, I’ve been dying to get myself down to Pigsty since they opened last year in the fashionable foodie district of Wapping Wharf.

Last Wednesday, my chance came. 

Located in Cargo 1 among other food giants such as Woky Ko and The Chicken Shed, Pigsty have managed to bag themselves a fantastic spot for the Bristol food scene. We entered through the sliding doors and marvelled at the interior; for a relatively small space they’ve made the most of it. Painted a deep green, it features a cosily lit bar/kitchen area, and the logo is lit up in lights on the far wall. 

The service was charming and friendly, our waiter was more than happy to talk about the menu and answer any questions we had. Fortunately for them, we did not, as we were both so excited to sample to porky delights on offer.

As opposed to having a starter followed by a main, we went all in and ordered sides to taste as much as our stomachs could handle. A word of warning; skip lunch if you’re coming here, the portions are very generous. 

After some indecision, I decided to go all in and order the Pig Mac (£8) —a seasoned pork patty topped with slow roasted BBQ pulled pork, a good dollop of cheese, baconaise (think about it), all in a brioche bun. This was a real work of art, if not a real mouthful. The BBQ pulled pork was rich and slow-cooked, and added an indulgence to the overall taste. The pork patty was a great size, if not a little under-seasoned for my taste, and had a fantastic texture. The cheese and baconaise were great additions to the dish, and to my absolute delight, there were fresh pickles too. At a very reasonable price, it’s a property dirty plateful, one that’s perfect for when you want something real and filling, and I was very satisfied. 

My friend opted for the Banger Bap (£8), which consisted of three different flavoured sausages of the owners’ own creation, Bramley apple and cider chutney, and potato and apple matchsticks, all in a seeded roll. This was a great dish —the mix of sweet and savoury from the chutney gave it a completely unique taste, and the sausages were perfectly cooked and excellently flavoured. Our only problem was there was a lot of bread, making it difficult to finish! 

We also sampled their sweet potato fries (£1) which were delicious and crispy as well as trying out the bacon and onion jam (£1), which was fresh and robust and worked strangely well with the fries.

We also ordered the Hoguettes (£3) and in my opinion, these stole the show. Beautifully fried little parcels of deliciousness, they were full of slow-roasted BBQ pork shoulder and they were just fantastic; rich, meaty and deceptively filling. We loved them. 

Although we sadly had absolutely no room for desserts, they have a great selection of ice creams, with flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, coffee and caramel, all very well priced at just £3. 

Pigsty is a friendly, cosy restaurant with a wide menu of pork dishes —there’s literally something for everyone. They have an extensive drinks menu that features some lovely locally brewed beers and the breakfast menu looks incredible (we’ll be back to try this). At such good value, I challenge you to find such good pig-based food anywhere else! 

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