People of Bristol to make five lifestyle changes to combat climate change

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A new website has been launched giving practical solutions to climate change

A new project is launched in Bristol yesterday to encourage people in the city to make five simple but impactful changes to their lives to help combat climate change.

Eating less red meat, driving an electric car, holidaying in the UK, insulating your home and installing solar panels are the most important actions you can take to reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions and benefit your quality of life, according to One Home.

One Home is a new not-for-profit website which encourages people to take action on climate change by giving practical solutions to this most urgent problem. This is the only website currently available in the UK that offers a ‘one-stop shop’ on sustainable lifestyle choices, covering the entire suite of climate actions.

It is the brainchild of environmental scientist Angela Terry who has 20 years’ experience working in the renewables industry and was one of the first pioneers of community wind farms.

Angela says: “The subject of climate change is a difficult one. Most people accept it is happening but are sometimes confused and overwhelmed by what they can do about it.”

“Having worked in the green industry for many years, I saw a real need for one platform which brings together accurate, practical information into one place that equips people with the know-how on what they can do to make a difference and how to adapt to climate change. One Home fills this crucial gap.”

“We want to give options that offer the best quality of life while reducing carbon emissions. Making these choices doesn’t mean making sacrifices – in fact, a low carbon lifestyle is healthier, more affordable and more comfortable. For the biggest impact, it’s all about saving energy to reduce carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas that causes climate change – and that’s why we’ve developed these five clear ways to do just that.”

Holidaying in the UK rather than flying is one of the most important changes people can make. A family of four driving from Bristol to Cornwall on a return trip emits 92kg of carbon dioxide. The same family making a return flight from Bristol to Alicante in Spain produces 1,142kg – that’s 12 times more than the Cornwall trip. A long haul return flight to Orlando, Florida, emits 2,780kg, which is 30 times more than driving to and from Cornwall.

One Home is being piloted in Bristol and the West Country before being promoted nationally later this year.

The website will include a directory that enables people to find local initiatives and suppliers and people are also being asked to share their actions, via social media or simply by talking about it with others.

“The South West is the natural home for this project,” says Angela, who is based in Wells.

“Our region has one of the country’s best renewable energy resources, including wind and sun, yet research published last year by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shows that households in the South West emit more carbon emissions than households in any other country in Europe. Our region clearly needs to take action to reverse this.”

The One Home website covers a wide range of topics designed to act as a guide for anyone looking to move towards a low carbon lifestyle. These include how to make your home more energy efficient, a guide on choosing electric and hybrid cars, information on the carbon emissions of the food we eat and no fly holiday ideas. There is also advice on adapting to the reality of climate change, including keeping your home dry during floods and top tips to help wildlife and plants in your garden thrive despite climate change.

To share your climate actions and encourage others to do the same, use the #OneHome hashtag across social media. Visit and follow OurOneHome on Twitter and Facebook for updates.



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