People in Bristol are maximising the value of their homes


Loft conversions are one the best ways to maximise the value of your property. Read on to find out more...

How people in Bristol are maximising the value of their property: Loft Conversions.

At the moment in Bristol there is a growing demand, and this demand is very specific. People are looking to maximise the existing space in their home through home improvement, this can be renovations, extensions, adaptations, general improvements. There is one way that is considered the most cost efficient way to maximise the amount of room on a property, and it’s known as loft conversion.

What are loft conversions?

Loft conversions are adaptations to the attic or loft of a property which make the space into a usable room.

 There are three main types of loft conversions:


  • Dormer loft conversions – This is when the roof space is expanded to add additional room on a given property.
  • Velux loft conversions – Usually a simple conversion with boarding and the implementation of “Velux Windows” (a convenient window system that opens outward), allowing in a lot of natural light.
  • Mansard loft conversions – Usually the most complex form of loft conversion, which you would see more often on a terraced home. The property is expanded across the entire width of the roof and this maximises space even more than with a dormer conversion.

Aside from the desire to maximise space, the other very attractive and appealing by-product of this is the increase in value of your property. See more at – Bristol loft conversions.

How does a loft conversion increase the value of a property?

Simply put: converting a loft increases the usable space on a home and this in turn increases the homes’ value because it is considered an “additional room-space”. Similar to if you had an extension built on your home, it can increase the properties’ value significantly.

By how much can an attic conversion increase the value of my home?

The range by which it can increase your homes’ value is generally between 10-25% (largely dependant on how the conversion is carried out, the nature of it, and whether or not an additional bedroom has been added. Extra bedrooms are known to increase the value of a home).

 Take a look at the recommended company to search for if you wish to convert your loft: Bristol Conversions

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