Our buried bodies


This new M Shed exhibition reveals how Bristolians lived thousands of years ago…

Head down to M Shed to see six skeletons discovered in Bristol on display alongside six skeletons from the Museum of London’s 20,000-strong collection. Collectively they bring to life stories that have long been hidden beneath the ground as part of an exciting exhibition named Skeletons: Our Buried Bodies.

Excavations in Bristol have uncovered numerous burial sites over the years, including medieval monasteries, a hospital burial ground and a convent.

The individuals on display – from a Bronze Age man with a spearhead lodged in his spine, to a decapitated Roman woman, and children with conditions linked to poor nutrition – provide a unique and personal insight into the human history of both cities. 

You’ll also be able to gain insight into a wealth of figures from history, with the skeletons of a young man, unceremoniously buried in South Gloucestershire over 3,500 years ago, a Roman couple buried together in a stone coffin, and a girl from a Victorian burial ground to explore.

Each has its own tale to tell, and together they uncover 2,000 years of history, increasing our understanding of how people once lived, and providing insights into the health, diet, diseases and lifestyle of the deceased. This is a fascinating exhibition that will shed light on how humanity operated in the city and in wider regions, with lots to see and do for the whole family.

Alongside the exhibition, M Shed and the University of Bristol have developed ‘The Bone Lab’, a space where children can reveal some of the science behind the stories. Test your knowledge of bones; search for hidden clues to analyse skeletons yourself; and hear from experts of the excavation site, lab and museum.


Skeletons: Our Buried Bones is a touring exhibition from the Wellcome Collection and the Museum of London which will open at M Shed on 8 April.

When: 8 April—3 September

Where: M Shed 


Website: www.bristolmuseums.org.uk 

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