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Call off the search, we think we've found Bristol's best burger

By Sammy Milton 

It’s common knowledge that Bristol is home to some of the country’s finest burgers. Well, in my humble opinion anyway. Whatever your view, it’s a well-known fact that the city has become a destination for those seeking the perfect late night chow, and there’s a plethora of places to choose from. One place that has recently come on the map is Oowee Diner. Nestled away on the eclectic Picton Street in Montpelier, the American-style diner occupies a prime spot on the corner, and from around 6pm in the evening you can expect to see an impressive hoard of people curved round the corner, eager to sink their teeth into the much talked about delights that this innovative little place produces.

What strikes you most when joining the queue is not the amount of people, but rather the variety. From students stood scuffing their shoes, to a doting boyfriend picking up takeaway and business men still in their suits, it’s clear that place appeals to all, and to that I applaud it. Although there may be a bit of a wait, it all becomes very worth it once you step through those hallowed doors. 

Appropriately small inside, there’s room for just about ten people to eat in, and we were reserved a prime window seat. Although they have a large menu, ordering is blissfully simple, and the guys who work here are happy to talk you through all options and combinations. After much gawping, we eventually went with two of the Double C burgers — a double beef patty layered with cheese, gherkins, mustard and their own Oowee relish (£7.80 each). For those seeking something a little different, they offer a range of options, including spicy, vegetarian and fried chicken burgers — all very reasonable priced, and all perfect. On the side we ordered the dirty shrimp fries (£8.25 for one HUGE portion) — a masterpiece of skinny fries smothered in buffalo shrimp, hot sauce, sour cream and spring onions. 

Seated comfortably, we cracked open our cans of coke and waited eagerly. The burgers arrived, steaming hot and oozing cheesy goodness. These were unlike any burgers we had ever tried — the patties were moist and perfectly seasoned, not as common an occurrence as one might think, the cheese (and there was so much of it) was extravagantly melted in glorious layers and the accompanying gherkins, mustard and relish added the rich decadence that a burger of this calibre deserves. The fries get their own spotlight. They were simply not an accompaniment, but a ridiculous addition to this meal. The shrimps were hot and crispy, the grilled cheese plentiful and the combination of sauces and spring onions perfect. A standing ovation please.

If you can even begin to think about sides, they offer waffle fries and southern fried cauliflower, and offer coke and (hold your breath) the infamous chocolate drink Chocomel.

Stuffed to the gills, we managed to stutter our thanks to the kindly staff and roll out the door towards our taxi (yes, it was necessary) home. Blissful smiles wreathed our faces. We had finally found it. Burger heaven.

Oowee Diner
54 Picton Street, Bristol BS6 5QA


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