Monelise to embark on 'Street Piano' tour


The globetrotting singer-songwriter is joining in the public piano fun in Bristol

Classically trained pianist, Monelise will be commencing her Street Tour from 19th to 27th August, making her debut performance at Aberdeen Airport and taking in Bristol, London and ending up in Iceland. Monelise will be publicly playing up to 20 street pianos on her travels.  

The brainchild behind the Play Me, I’m Yours street pianos project is Brit artist Luke Jerram, who arranged for 1,700 street pianos to be installed in over 55 cities worldwide (from London to New York), reaching over 10 million people. 

Luke says “I look forward to meeting up with Monelise on 26th August and hearing her play our Bristol street pianos, as we mark the 10th year of Play Me, I’m Yours.  Whether it’s a classical virtuoso, a jazz combo or people rediscovering their favourite childhood tunes, there’s an element of surprise about the pianos project which is one of the reasons it has become so popular.”

Channelling the haunting melodies of her icons Kate Bush and Enya, St. Petersburg born Monelise arrived on to the music scene whilst securing her degree at Edinburgh University and debuted her EP ‘A Million Little Moments’ in 2015.

From learned beginnings, to travelling the globe, this little Russian beauty graduated in Houston, Texas and continues to pen her spiritual prose that echoes the art-rock era, last heard in the heady 70’s when the likes of Enya, Bush and Cohen stormed the charts.

Growing up in a maze of culture, Monelise’s Russian roots inspired her love for the classics and her self-penned current single ‘Your Moon’.

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