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Smallprint help to capture your most treasured memories, just in time for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us, and with that knowledge comes the inevitable panic of gift buying. Finding something that is fun, personal and likeable seems like an impossible task – but it needn’t be in Bristol. With so many local and independent traders, finding the right gift can be an easy and even (whisper it) enjoyable task. 

Smallprint makes silver keepsakes that capture fingerprints, hand and footprints (and much more) in silver jewellery. Based in Bristol, the company started as an idea in 2004 and blossomed into a fully-fledged business not long after. They are now international and proudly hold the title of the world’s premier silver keepsake company, and have even been featured in the likes of Vogue, MAMA UK and Marie Claire.  

Many of their products can be ordered online and made in-house by their resident jeweller. However, you can also take the personal approach with Smallprint. Their jewellers can also come out to take the fingerprint of your child for you, meaning you can have a beautiful, personal piece of jewellery made in no time. 

The range is most impressive. Proud parents can get their little one’s finger or footprint carefully crafted into all manner of silver jewellery – bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks and keyrings. As well as this, they have special Magic Inkless Print Kits that enable you to capture prints at home, completely free of mess and hassle. 

As well as prints, there is also the opportunity to capture children’s creative side. If there’s a little artist in the family, you can also get their doodles and drawings set in silver, creating unique and personal pieces that you can keep forever. If you want to mark the birth of your child, or simply want to keep their childlike handwriting forever, you can also email, upload or mail your chosen words and have them embossed into a variety of different jewellery pieces. 

Smallprint have now released a select range of pieces just in time for Christmas. Coming from their ‘Tender Touch’ range – where each item bears a beautifully textured replica of an actual fingerprint – is a selection including a ‘Kindred Hearts’ pendant, ‘You and Me’ cufflinks, ‘Moon’ pendants and ‘Letter Dot’ pendants. Not only are these pieces perfect for those with children, they also offer a personal, romantic gift to give your partner and loved ones. 

Visit to see more details, or contact Marie Harkin on 07527600677 to create your own unique, unforgettable gift this Christmas. 

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