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Greenwich brewer Meantime challenges Bristol Blue Glass to create unique beer glass as part of the "Make Time For It" campaign

What could you do in six weeks? That’s the question posed by Greenwich brewer Meantime to craftsmen across the country as part of its Make Time For It campaign.


The Make Time For It campaign was launched earlier this year to celebrate the master craftsmanship of their brewers and the care and attention put in to every keg and bottle produced. The activity is designed to highlight the abundance and quality of craftsmanship and innovation throughout the UK. Meantime set six of the best craftsmen across the country a challenge; to create a bespoke crafted piece in six weeks, the same six weeks it will take Meantime to brew them each a beer, inspired by their respective craft and personality.  

Bristol was the fourth of the six cities across the country to take part with Bristol Blue Glass creating 24 hand-blown glasses for the occasion.

The glasses were revealed for the first time, along with the specially brewed beer, at the King Street Brewhouse last week (September 8).

Meantime’s master brewer Ciaran Giblin said: “When I was given this challenge and I immediately thought of cider because of its strong links to the West Country. So we experimented with a new brewing technique to create a Pilsner using freshly pressed apples which we have called Hourglass. You get grassy notes from the hops, a hint of maltiness and a refreshing after taste from the cider.”

James Adlington, founder of Bristol Blue Glass has created a one-of-a-kind beer glass; the ‘Hourglass’, taking inspiration from Meantime’s beers and the time they dedicate to the craft of brewing. His creative glass design, elevates the artistry behind both crafts and is the perfect representation of the time that should be dedicated to brewing and enjoying a Meantime beer.

He said: “Bristol Blue Glass was founded in 1988 as a way to re-establish a tradition that had been lost for over 60 years: the art of glass-making. Twenty-eight years on, we still endeavour to keep the tradition alive and are always looking for new and innovative ways to do so. Our involvement in this campaign has allowed us to really push the boundaries of glass blowing and create something unique for Meantime.”

Rich Myers, Marketing Director of Meantime Brewing Company, said: “We launched the ‘Make Time For It’ campaign to celebrate the latest innovation and varieties of craftsmanship across the UK, at the same time highlighting the time and care we give to every one of our beers. We brew all of our beers in Greenwich, the universal home of time – so time is at the heart of everything we do and it’s the fifth ingredient in our beer.

 “We couldn’t wait to partner with James Adlington and his team at Bristol Blue Glass as we share a number of values inherent to passionately crafted products.

Make Time For It launched in the first city, Manchester, in May before heading to Glasgow for the second leg and Leeds for the third. The fourth launch was Bristol which will be followed by Brighton, and then finally return to London, Meantime’s home turf. The specially designed pieces from each of the six craftsmen will be featured at Meantime’s ‘Make Time For It’ Pop Up Bar at the end of the campaign in October. The bar will be open to the public at the London Bridge City Summer Festival, ‘London Riviera’ exhibiting the best of British craft and will be the perfect drinking environment in which to take time over a beer.


All of the Make Time For It beers will be available for beer fans to purchase from Meantime’s online store,, brewery shop and Tasting Rooms at the brewery in Greenwich.

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