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Good, stylish lighting is even more important in the winter – keep your home shining with our guide

The clocks have gone back, and so we’re increasingly beginning – and ending – our working days in the dark.
And it’s these winter days, as morning frost nips the fingers and the days darken ever quicker, that lighting comes to the fore. But what are the top trends that should be catching your eye?

Simple lines

Many contemporary lighting trends draw inspiration from our neighbours in the north; Scandi-chic is back in a big way. After all, who better to lead the way than those who have to put up with just four hours of sunlight in the winter? In practice, this means we’re talking clean lines and simple, straightforward design. These lights radiate soft harmony and emphasise clever functionality. There’s a simple adaptability here that fits effortlessly into your home, elevating it to another level. Materials like concrete, marble, and wooden detailing are key to this look.

Retro styling

On the other hand, retro looks are also back in style. Fairy lights, lava lamps, jam-jar candles all add a kooky, delightfully kitschy feel. Scattering them over surfaces and various eye levels is sure to cast a wonderful array of shadows, filling your house with interest and ensuring cosyness levels are dialled up to the max. Turn your home into a fairytale castle or an opulent palace with lights that riff on classic, elegant forms. A chandelier perhaps, or a richly textured lamp, would hit the spot(light).

Future gazing

Depending on your home, you may want to take things in the opposite direction. Make like its 2025 and embrace futuristic styling that embodies a cool, fresh, urban modernism. These lights frequently resemble modernistic sculptures; delicate assemblages of glass, steel and blond wood, poised and perfectly balanced. While they might not be for everyone – some will still prefer the comfortable familiarity of fairy lights or jam-jar candles – for those on the cutting edge of things, these sorts of lights will make bold centrepieces over the winter season.

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