Light it right


Take charge of your space by changing the lighting to suit your mood, says Hannah Vickers

Good lighting can transform a room, making the space relaxed, focussed, intimate or fun in the moment it takes to flick the switch. It’s also one of the easiest and cheapest home decor projects you can take on; change the style of the room without having to pick up a paint brush!


 Converted vintage objects and fairy lights add a quirky touch


A standing lamp is the staple for any living area and is the perfect alternative to the harsh overhead light. Install a unique vintage lamp to enjoy a feature that’s distinctive even during its dormant daylight hours. By using something that used to belong somewhere very different, you instantly create a talking piece and focal point for the room. For simple and cheap, but surprisingly effective, way to light your room, fill a glass bowl with fairy lights. You change the colour scheme of the entire room by swapping a clear glass bowl for a colourful one.


Lamps for immediate intimacy

Low, soft lighting sets the tone. You can give virtually any room a romantic and relaxed feel with subdued, warm light. Think lamps with heavy shades, fairy lights (but stay away from the multi-coloured ones… It’s not Christmas!), and candles. Gently flickering candlelight results in immediate relaxation and is perfect if you’re looking to create that special atmosphere.


Floodlight your thinking space

A badly lit space can make it difficult to focus, especially on the less appealing tasks, like paying your bills or revising for exams! Bright light will wake you up and help you to concentrate. You want cold, white light and a beam that’s wide enough to light up your work but preferably not the rest of the room: you don’t want to get distracted by everything else you could be doing! A slightly unusual desk lamp can add a touch of fun to an otherwise dull task, so pick something brightly coloured and interesting. If your thinking space needs to be in a communal room, install a Rise and Fall pendant lamp: you can pull it down to spotlight what you’re working on when you need it and put it back up when you’re ready to relax again.


Make your outdoor space magical

Now summer is finally (maybe) here, it’s time to head outdoors and move your living room to your garden. The fun doesn’t have to end when it gets dark, though! Light up features like trees or statues, string garlands from branches or along walls, and stick solar lights into the flowerbeds to lend a fairyland feel to even the smallest outdoor space.

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