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What’s hot in the world of kitchen design? 2018 has had no shortage of super cool technology trends – and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Here is Schmidt Bristol’s view on what’s been happening in technology during 2018 so far.

Technology is not a new trend for the kitchen industry, but it continues to grow in importance and relevance in the modern kitchen, mirroring its increasing influence on our daily lives. Manufacturers across numerous categories – from storage to cooking – continue to expand their connected offerings.

The connected home is beginning to become part of our lexicon and kitchens are at the heart of the modern internet enabled home. All major appliance brands such as Siemens have their own range of connected appliances such as washing machines, ovens and coffee makers, all controlled via smart phone apps for convenience. So, how is technology in the kitchen likely to influence us?


Technology to promote wellness and features geared
toward health, self- care and overall well-being is an area where new technology is really making its presence felt. New technology has brought capable sous vide offerings such as built-in sous vide and steam ovens and vacuum seal drawers useful for sous vide cooking and fresh food preservation. This is now in the reach of many budgets allowing home cooks, inspired by their favourite chefs, to create restaurant calibre meals at home.

Easy living

All designed to make life easier for our busy lives, we see new technology offering new self-cleaning features and the increased use of low-maintenance materials such as stainless steel worksurfaces and potentially nano-coatings that repel grease and dirt.

A connected kitchen can be designed so that your appliances interact with you to make life easier. You can programme for your favourite music to come on when your dinner is ready, or set it up to receive a notification when your freezer door has been left open too long!

Technology is also impacting the look and feel of the modern kitchen. With handle-free push-to-open appliances for ease of use and cleaning.


Technology can even help you be a better host in your connected home. Harnessing voice activated appliances using third -party technology like Amazon Alexa means you can be controlling your cooking from the comfort of your living room while you entertain your guests. Or, apps enabling you to see the food in your fridge from your smart phone means you can see what you need to buy before you reach home making impromptu entertaining an option!

What is clear is that the rapid advancements in technology is being driven by our lifestyle needs. Whether it be to improve health, offer convenience or enable social interaction, the technology we are seeing in our kitchens now is just the start.

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