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Get 2018 off to the best possible start with our guide to the year's hot new trends

Everyone knows the cycle by now – weeks of overindulgence at Christmas inevitably leads to a health kick in January. Yes, it’s time for a New Year, New You! Read on for the hottest health and fitness trends of 2018 to help you get started. 

Paint it Black

The current rainbow, unicorn-obsessed trend isn’t going anywhere soon, but 2018 will see food and drink taking on a slightly more sombre tone. You might have already seen black ice cream, black lattes or black bread cluttering up your Instagram feed and it’s all thanks to one ingredient – activated charcoal. Made from carbonized coconut shells, charcoal is used to remove toxins from the body. Take it easy though, as too much can absorb the healthy nutrients your body needs.

Child’s Play

Squats and weights may be effective but let’s face it – they’re not the most fun. 2018 will see an increase in children’s games as exercise according to eating psychology coach Jenny Eden Berk. Think skipping, monkey bars or circus skills, and look out for a new range of fitness classes that promise to focus on having fun as well as burning calories.

Natural Beauty 

A vegan diet has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years, and now that desire to keep things natural and cruelty-free is hitting the beauty market, too. Vegan skincare and makeup has expanded rapidly to include foundations, shampoo, lipstick and anything else you can think of. Staple ingredients include aloe vera, seaweed, tea tree and coconut oil to ensure you feel good inside and out.

Go Live 

Live-streaming classes aren’t entirely new but are predicted to finally take off in 2018.

If your only experience of fitness at home was an ’80s aerobics VHS, then fear not because things have come a long way. Choose from classes including yoga, ballet, cardio, toning and everything in-between. There are subscription channels for a monthly fee but plenty of free online videos as well. No more excuses about it being too cold or dark to go to the gym now you don’t even have to leave the house!

Say Cheers

Low, no-alcohol and healthier alcoholic drinks are exploding onto the market, and with a lot of people already planning a dry January, now is a great time to start. Expect gluten-free beer, lower-sugar cocktails using ingredients such as kale, and a whole new range of waters to replace the humble coconut, including maple and birch.
Less alcohol and one of your five a day?
You can’t argue with that.

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