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Winter is on its way – keep your home cosy with our guide!

As the nights are drawing in and it starts to get colder, we find ourselves at home more and more. One thing that is very important at this time of year is that you feel comfortable in your house, so it’s crucial you make it as cosy as possible
for the coming winter months! After all, we’re in for a long ride…

Scents and aromas

A little thing that you might not have considered is how scents and smells can affect your feelings about your home. If your home smells nice, then the chances are, you’ll want to be there more! There are a variety of ways to do this – invest in some good quality candles and dot them about on tables and mantlepieces – just make sure you blow them out if you’re going to bed! If candles aren’t your sort of thing, then buy an oil burner and some scented oils – they’re stronger and the aromas will last for longer. Freshly cut flowers on your table will also keep your home smelling sweet!


Perhaps the most important thing for keeping your home feeling cosy, good lighting can make all the difference. Lamps placed on surfaces are great for throwing out low-level lighting that’s perfect for reading, and fairy lights hung up or placed in jars are ideal for creating a calming atmosphere. If you’re in relaxing for the evening, try to avoid turning on overhead lights or spotlights as these can create overly bright lighting, and if you’re able to adjust your lighting, get the dimmer turned down low to ensure maximum cosyness.

Keeping warm

Nothing says cosy like being warm and toasty. It sounds obvious, but having the heating on in winter makes all the difference, so make sure you set your heating so it comes on before you get home from work. Walking into a warm, welcoming house is the best feeling! If you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, make sure you use it safely and keep it topped up with firewood. And whilst nothing beats a real fire, it’s not an option for all of us – think about installing an electric wood burner or gas fire in your living room. They throw out just as much heat and are much easier to manage!

Staying comfortable

Finally, the best thing you can do to keep your home cosy is to make it as comfortable as possible. Go to your favourite homeware shops and pick up some cushions in a variety of fabrics and lay them around your house. Blankets and throws are essential for this time of year – drape them on sofas and chairs so you’re never too far from them! Also – take a look at furniture – is it as comfortable as it could be? If not, then it may be time to think about updating it. After all, no one wants to sit on a lumpy sofa!

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