Is bath time over?

Gardiner Haskins looks at why many of us forgoing long soaks for showers

Maybe you’re stuck between choosing to fit a bath or shower, or you’re thinking of swapping one out for the other – the bathtub has been a consistent feature of most homes and has stood the test of time. But is that changing?

More and more households are choosing to remove their baths completely, opting for a stand-alone shower, and expert David Rodgers can explain why this change is occurring.

“Whilst baths are more relaxing and can look great, showers are a lot more economical, convenient and take up a lot less space. In smaller homes there simply isn’t room for both, and customers are choosing the more convenient shower option.

“While the bathtub is usually essential for a family home, you’ll find that once the children are more grown-up it is not as used, and people opt to remove them. With so many great shower options now available, customers would rather not have a bath at all, and many are basing their whole bathroom design around a statement shower, with walk-in showers becoming extremely popular.

“I’d advise to always go for a minimum shower width of 800mm, but best is 900 to give extra elbow room and ease of turn when in the shower. This extra width will create the feeling of a larger space no matter the length. If space is an issue, offset quadrants are great for smaller bathrooms because they give you extra floor space once you step out. These are ideal for en suites and small conversions.”

Despite many modern homes preferring just a shower, the bath is far from disappearing. They are essential for families and they add extra value to homes, plus the fact there are so many styles available. The bathtub will continue to be a main bathroom feature for a while yet.

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