Interview | Meet Nick Carroll, from Bristol-based charity Together for Short Lives

Interview | Meet Nick Carroll, from Bristol-based charity Together for Short Lives

Director of fundraising Nick Carroll talks to us about working at Together for Short Lives

Nick Carroll discusses the impact of Covid on Bristol charity Together for Short Lives and gives insight to his life outside work…

I fell into marketing and ended up working in local advertising agencies. I had some great fun and learnt a lot, but always loved working with charities the most.

I spent some time volunteering and trying to speak to people working in the charity sector and got a lucky break seven years ago, working for an overseas aid charity, before moving to my current role at Together for Short Lives.

Together for Short Lives is here to make sure the 99,000 seriously ill children and their families across the UK can make the most of every moment they have together, whether that’s for years, months or only hours.

The last 12 months has been especially hard for many of the families and children we work with. Families caring for seriously ill children often require 24/7 care from an array of health and social care agencies. A lot of this support fell apart during lockdown and many families had to go into extended periods of shielding to protect their children – many felt very frightened and alone.

We were able to react quickly and launch a Covid relief fund for families whose world had been turned upside down, as well as delivering care packages to some families who were shielding and isolated. We managed to keep our helpline open and created an online instant chat service to make it easier to get support.

I’m proud of how we coped, the support we were able to offer, and how the team kept going. There’s been moments when we’ve been tired and can’t take another zoom call – but we’ve looked out for each other and feel lucky to have been able to help.

How long have you lived in Bristol?
I was born here, then moved away and then came back – so 26 years altogether I think.

What’s your favourite place in Bristol?
We’re spoilt for choice and I’m still discovering new corners of Bristol I didn’t know about, but I’ve always loved sitting on a bench in Brandon Hill and just looking out over the city. Although currently I can’t keep away from Pinkmans because of their hugely addictive doughnuts.

What do you with your weekends/evenings?
I like to cook a bit, so after putting the kids to bed I like to whip up a culinary masterpiece (not quite), before falling asleep in front of Netflix!

At the weekend we might head out for a walk and in between ferrying the kids to their football matches and prizing them off their iPads, I might find the chance to squeeze in a drink on North Street.

What is your desert island disc?
As a proud Bristolian, I have to say Blue Lines.

What’s your favourite room in your house and why?
After having spent the last year working on a child’s desk in my bedroom, I’d say any other room in my house! Probably the kitchen as I like listening to the radio, whilst having a drink and doing some cooking in the evening.

Where was the first place you went as lockdown started easing?
The Coronation on the corner of Dean Lane


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