Interior design trends for 2017


Sarah Latham's tips for the year ahead

2017 is the year for individuality, creativity and sustainability. A new version of consumerism has taken over  – with the general ethos being ‘buy less, make it last’. The classic neutral tones that so many of us cling too will be emphasised by bold, bright and playful colours to add depth and create an eye-catching statement. Rich jewel tones, such as vibrant greens, emerald greens and deep purples will significantly liven up minimalist spaces to give a bohemian feel, as people are becoming increasingly more colour conscious this year.  

Adding to this idea of pushing boundaries there will be ‘contradictions in patterns, textures and colours’. Tropical and geometric prints providing us with a 70’s feel and a great way to add some personality to your home. Alternatively, inspired by the essence of wanderlust textile wall hangings are a skilful way to add some vibrancy.  

It is the year to go green. ‘The 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year represents refreshment, rejuvenation… It’s called Greenery”.  The shade of green is making its way through the house – from walls to rugs to furniture and accessories. 

For those not too keen on this colour trend, a great way to add a splash of greenery is to introduce, the simple but effective, houseplant or plant prints and various other kinds of leafy artwork. 

Going beautifully hand in hand with the green shades are brass accessories and features. Natural resources and traditional materials have made a comeback, particularly those with a lot of texture, “the grain of the wood, the vein of the marble and the patination of the brass.” (Naked Kitchens). Another of the classics, taking Pinterest by storm is marble – from accessories, to feature walls and surfaces “there is no market untouched by this dominant material”.

However, despite the need to go “green”, the rise and development of modern technology have slowly made its way into the home. With innovative lighting, appliances and wireless docking stations (IKEA) transforming your house into quite literally a ‘smart home’.

Although the blues have been around for some time they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon this year. However, the washed out pale blue will be switched up with the more daring and ‘moody’ tones. Dulux has confirmed this movement with the announcement of the 2017 colour of the year as ‘Denim Drift, a beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue’.  

A return to nature and the idea of ‘escapism’ is at the forefront of everyone’s minds this season. General themes such as sustainability, romanticism and the notion of bringing calm and tranquillity into one’s home, to escape the strains of the digital world are all central desires. 

Overall, 2017 is the year for rich colour, warmth, texture and exotic prints, luckily all of these will work in some capacity in both a modern and period property setting. 

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