Insurance claims treble as landlords assess storm and snow damage

storm damage

The recent adverse weather has caused significant problems for buy-to-let properties, study shows

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma have hit buy-to-let properties hard, new insurance claims figures indicate.

Calls to the claims line of Simple Landlords Insurance were 300% higher at the start of last week compared to the same period last year, as landlords took stock of the damage caused by the extreme weather.

Most claims registered while the weather was at its worst were for burst pipes and storm damage. Fresh damage was suffered this week as the fast-melting snow entered hundreds of properties through the roof. 

During the five worst days of the storm, until Monday 5 March, there was a 133% increase in calls to Simple Landlords’ emergency assistance helpline. Most claims related to boiler breakdowns, frozen and burst pipes.

Richard Truman, Head of Operations from Simple Landlords said: “The snow itself caused some damage and the number of claims is surging now as it thaws out. Our team of loss adjusters are geared up to work long hours to organise repair work and payouts for our policyholders.”

“Claims from our customers have tripled this week, compared to the same time last year. During the snow and storm last week a quarter of our claims team in Elland, West Yorkshire, made it into the office, with some walking several miles to get here.”

Simple Landlords Insurance has published a guide to the most common insurance claims and the measures landlords can take to protect their investment properties. The Risk Report is available for free here


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