“If places become overcrowded, go home” – mayor Marvin Rees

Bristol Covid cases remain low compared to national average

Mayor Marvin Rees advises Bristol residents to stay away from crowds to prevent spread of coronavirus after the city seeing a slight rise in cases.

Speaking during a fortnightly Facebook Live broadcast last Wednesday, he said: “We should be concerned because we should be in a permanent state of concern about Covid.

“What we should not be is alarmed because the prevalence of Covid among our population is still relatively low.”

Bristol’s number of infections sit at around eight per 100,000 compared to a national average of 10. 

Mr Rees revealed there had been 41 cases in the week leading up to Wednesday 26 August, compared with 35 the week before and only 10 the seven days prior to that.

He said the number of infections represented a “steady increase” and warned that a bigger rise could force a local lockdown.

“We put this down to the fact we are a transport hub – our train station, our crossroads of the motorways, the airport,” he said.

“Any easing of lockdown is going to increase people coming into closer proximity together, having contact with the same surfaces, so as easing of lockdown takes place we are going to see an increase in the rate at which people are contracting the virus.

“It means we really need to be going along with the advice about personal hygiene and avoiding crowds of people.

“If places become overcrowded, go home.”

Caitlin Bowring

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