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Top tips for making remote working as easy as possible

With much of the nation packing up desks and locking office doors, working from home is about to become the new norm. 

We might be settling in for the long haul, so it’s important we’re doing it right – have a read of these tips for staying happy, healthy and productive at home.

Work out your rhythm

Everyone’s energy patterns are slightly different and while some people work best in the middle of the day, others are most motivated before breakfast. Capitalise on your most productive periods by scheduling harder tasks for these hours and easier, more mundane ones for when you’re most likely to slump. 

Break it up

The office environment is full of ready-made breaks – there’s the kitchen full of colleagues, invitations to lunch, real-life meetings and maybe even dogs, but at home, there’s a chance that every day becomes groundhog day. Use doing the laundry or a Spotify playlist as a built-in timer that provides you with clear deadlines, or book in daily team catch-up calls that give you both social interaction and motivation to get things done.

Move it

Sitting still all day long isn’t good for us, so to counteract the effects of hours at the kitchen table, fit stretches and light exercise into your day. Download a yoga app and do a ten-minute workout in the morning and afternoon, pop out for a lunchtime cycle ride or do some vigorous deep cleaning once you’ve ticked off a big project deadline.

Caitlin Bowring

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