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Polly, The Heartbreak Opera (Sharp Teeth facebook page)

Two weeks of performance and ideas from south-west theatre-makers at Bristol Old Vic

This stimulating 14-day exhibition will explore every aspect of the human experience with the help of the finest talent in the West Country; from relationships to poverty, from AI to religion.

This year’s line-up sees the return of Seamas Carey, Sharp Teeth, The Devil’s Violin and Sleepdogs, and welcomes newcomers Florence Espeut-Nickless, Audrey Productions, Madeline Shann and Malaika Kegode, Jakabol and Jenny Davies – to name just a few.

Seamus Carey, composer and leader of Cornwall’s first alternative male voice choir, brings his newest offering to Ferment Fortnight, Pagan Pandemonium, an interactive history lesson about British folkloric customs and traditions, told through the medium of a Japanese game show. 

John Gay’s banned 1729 sequel to The Beggar’s Opera, Polly, becomes Polly (The Heartbreak Opera) in the hands of Sharp Teeth and Marie Hamilton. Set in a tacky beach resort and accompanied by a Britney and Nina Simone-inspired soundtrack, it is a “joyous dissection of love, loss and revenge”.

The audience will be asked to contribute in various ways at each event – through providing post-show written feedback, or just mingling with the artists afterwards, and even voting on the course of a performance!

The two weeks will culminate in a thrilling gig-theatre performance of Outlier at Crofter’s Rights; based on lived experience, the show will explore themes of addiction, mental health and rural life in Britain today.

Bristol Ferment is Bristol Old Vic’s artist development programme that supports a range of different artists and companies, enabling them to practise and work in the south-west, then go on to tour nationally and internationally. Discovery of future artists to support often happens at Ferment Fortnight.

This is a brilliant opportunity to support extraordinary local artists and widen your mind, for just £5.

Bristol Old Vic

January 27–February 9

Tickets £5



Caitlin Bowring

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