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Nathan Heape, store manager at Easy Bathrooms in Bristol, explains how to achieve a retro finish in the bathroom…

When creating a stand-out master bathroom, we love to look beyond the typical white suite and inject some personality into the space.

Recent projects have been inspired by the ‘retro’ trend, which takes products and tiles from an era gone-by and reinvents them for the 21st century.

But before anyone starts installing Artex ceilings or avocado bathroom suites, we stress that this is a style that must be well-executed.

In order to create an eclectic feel, we like to mix patterned tiles with elegant, simplistic fittings.

A retro, handleless vanity unit with a matching cabinet can form the basis for creating this look, allowing the floor and walls to take centre stage. The tiles – which are a must for this trend – should be bold in colour or pattern, with two styles often being paired together.

A hexagonal shape – which is bang on-trend for 2018/19 – would give another dimension to the room and add interest to the space.


Or for a look that packs a punch, we would go for a 1930s monochrome design scheme. Although very current, it’s a timeless combination – perfect for a bathroom, which is only updated every 10-15 years.

Black and white floor tiles create clean lines and strong angles, which work well in a functional space. Use white grout to give it a consistent finish.

The walls could then extend this monochrome feel – again, tiling the bottom half in white and painting the top part in a soft colour. We would also add a trim of black tiles to act as a skirting board.

This would work well with chrome fittings and plants to soften the stark contrast between white and black. Choose greenery that doesn’t require much light and can withstand high levels of moisture – aloe vera and bamboo are both good options.


For a ‘wow’ factor, we help some clients to create the ’Great Gatsby’ look, with touches of gold across lighting, taps and accessories. This offers a luxurious style, and looks great paired with a dark grey or navy wall, which makes a real statement.

Wiring lights on different switches – or even being set on a dimmer – will also help to set a soft, ‘moody’ atmosphere for when relaxing in the bath. If the space allows, a freestanding unit will add to the luxurious environment, and you could even complete the look with ornate, gold feet.


Retro styling is a timeless statement, that, if well executed, will still be beautiful in years to come. It oozes a quality feel that we love in a bathroom, which creates more than just a place you bathe or wash, but a space that you can also relax in and enjoy.

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