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Get your garden in check for summer with our guide to the best trends

As we’re working our way into May, many of us are up and raring to get into our gardens. This winter has been, let’s face it, a particularly long and hard one, and the onslaught of bad weather has kept many of us indoors with noses pressed against windows, eager to get outside. As summer is almost upon us, it’s time to pick up the tools, unpack the lawnmower and get ready to give the garden a good shake-up. We’ve picked out the best trends this year to keep your outside space looking spot-on. 

Grow your own

Growing your own produce has always been popular, and it shows no sign of slowing down this year. Select a sunny spot in your garden and create a planting bed. Choose your favourite vegetables and create your very own veg patch! Not only is this sustainable, but think about how much money you’ll save yourself in the long run. As well as keeping you fed, by introducing native plants and locally sourced material, you’ll encourage all manner of wildlife into your garden too.

Design ideas

Whilst last year saw a huge rise in the trendy and themed garden (think Japanese water gardens), this year is all about making our gardens living spaces again. What that means for you depends – you could simply clear an area of your garden, put down decking and add some furniture, or you could go all out and install an outdoor structure with a working kitchen! Whatever you fancy, the idea is to bring the inside out, and bring the fun with it!

Choose your materials

Of course, you could use anything you like in the designing of your garden, but here are a few materials that are hot for 2018. Copper is seeing a comeback, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and contrast to plants and wood. When making a garden path, you may want to think twice about using natural wood – wood-effect porcelain tiles are all the rage right now. Easier to clean and maintain, they’re an excellent choice for flooring or cladding. Limestone is also in the limelight – using mid-toned stones can add pleasingly warm and cheerful tones to your patio or borders.

Perfect plants

Now you’ve got your garden all sorted out, it’s time to decide what to plant! Garden experts are predicting a rise of interest in exotic and unusual plants to brighten up our outside spaces, as well as planting things to add texture – think ferns, tufted grass or mosses. A bit of blending is also proving popular with some gardeners. Try mixing plants with harder shapes and finishes with softer, leafier accents for a varied look. Ultimately, plant whatever makes you happiest, whether that’s big bushes or dainty flowers, it’s your space to enjoy. We just hope we get the weather for it!

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