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Halloween is almost upon us – get your home ready with these spook-tacular tips

Halloween is, undoubtedly, one of the best times of the year. All the kids get to dress up as their favourite spooky characters, and there’s plenty of fun to be had for both children and adults alike. Whether you just want to make your home look scary for any trick-or-treaters or if you’re hosting your very own Halloween party, your house has got to look the part. To help out, we’ve put together our very own haunted house guide to get you started.


The front garden is going to be the first place that people see when arriving at your home, so you’ve got to make a good first impression! We’re sure you’ve been busy carving pumpkins, so make sure they’re set up outside to welcome your guests. Drape your hedges and bushes in realistic spiderwebs made from strings of cotton and create a spooky-style wreath for your front door. For a real scare factor, buy a plastic skeleton and bury his limbs in the ground – he’s sure to offer a warm welcome!

The living room

If this is where the kids are getting ready or if it’s the place where you’re entertaining your guests, you’ll want to pay special attention to it. Swap your curtains for black drapes for a real Addams Family-style set-up and, very important, dot around battery-powered candles – you don’t want anyone’s costumes going up in flames! Create a spooky centrepiece in the middle of your table full of sweet treats and hang some homemade cut-out bats from the mantlepiece. Another great idea is to make your own goodie bags to give to guests and visitors – fill them full of gummy spiders and works to really freak them out!

The kitchen

If you’re hosting a party, then this will be where people will be spending most of their time. Scoop out a pumpkin and fill it to them brim with a horrifying punch – alcoholic or non-alcoholic, make sure it looks scary either way! Play around with food – make some edible severed fingers and use food colouring to make boiled eggs look really creepy, or bake some ghostly cupcakes and biscuits. Hang up some Halloween bunting and swap out your usual lightbulbs for some red ones – it’s the little touches that will make the most difference. Pay attention to your soundtrack too and make sure there’s lots of scary music playing in the background for a full-on spooky effect!

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