Getting hot, hot, hot

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When the heatwave hits, these trends will keep you cool. Stylish al fresco living has never been easier…

It used to be the case that every time the weather perked up you could just dig the same cobwebby parasol out of the shed and pair it with a few mismatched, battered chairs. No longer – times have changed, and so have the outdoor accessories. Now summer living is firmly fixed in the future with micro-hydroponics, seed sensors and even AI-controlled sprinkler systems becoming more common. For our money, it’s the simple pleasures that still come out on top though. But who’s to say you can’t add a touch of class to that classical concoction?


No smoke without fire. No summer gathering without a barbeque. What else are people going to stand around poking at rapidly carbonifying lumps of flesh? These days though a BBQ doesn’t have to mean a coal-fired grill. The GoSun Stove, for instance, uses the heat of the sun and vacuum-tube technology to reach temperatures of 288°C to bake, fry or steam all while remaining cool to the touch. Fancy some real bush-tucker styling? Try some authentic African-style cast-iron cooking pots – (floppy hats and gruff machismo not included). Finally, if you really can’t decide where to have the barbeque, then why not create your very own fire pit? Make sure you’re careful, mind!

Comfort Eating

A decent selection of outdoor furniture can make or break a summer soirée. Much as they might smile politely, no-one really wants to wobble precariously on a three-legged stool as they tuck into their hotdog. Invest in a luxury outdoor sofa instead. If you’re not willing to buy tonnes of new furniture, then simply find your comfiest throws and pillows and drape over kitchen chairs and stools. Failing this, get a couple of beanbags!

Splash out

Keeping cool can be a tricky when a heatwave hits in earnest but maximise your chances with a water feature. Try this portable family pool from Intex for size.
For something a little more swish but easier on the wallet, try an inflatable paddling pool or hot tub – sinking back into bubbly water beneath the stars has never been easier. The best part? It packs away whenever you don’t need it. Here’s an idea for the kids – stage a good old-fashioned waterfight! Buy some water guns, create some teams and get ready to have fun whilst cooling down.

Let there be light

Any self-respecting garden party will go on after dark. To make you’re prepared be sure to rig up some garden lighting. These solar-powered string lights will do just the trick – drape them over trees and along walls for a little late-night lighting. Failing this, a cheaper alternative is to invest in a multi-pack of tea lights and candles and pop them in ramekins, glasses and wine bottles – it’s a wonderfully rustic look that barely costs a thing.


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